Another attempt…

yeah ppl…who r reading this blog(and i do hope it gets to be read someday)my fingers are crossed.and there are anumber of reasons for the remaining part of this blog,i’ll elaborate upon the reasons

my fingers are crossed for the future of this blog.just like parents create their children and worry about their first child(oops! blog) was very unfortunate in this reagard.i created it and forgot what name i had given to it.imagine what happens to a child whose father forgets about him…?he gets lost in this big,bad world,and ultimately loses his existence.same happened with my probably is still there somewhere in this big,bad mass of information on the world wide web,waiting to lose its existence,if it already hasn’t…i now have a fair idea how a parent would feel for a lost child!

then i made my second blog.suppose a young boy is walking on a road.people on the road start fighting.the police comes along and hauls everybody walking on the road,and throws all of them,including the young boy in jail,for life.well,my second blog went the same way,when the government of india decided to block the after the mumbai blasts.i hope i’m able to see my creation,someday…

my earlier blogs didn’t get to be read by anybody.anybody that is,except naturally i’m worried for the future of this blog.i hope people read it and enjoy it.and for that reason i’m keeping my fingers crossed.

the second reason behind keeping my fingers crossed is a little more serious.i have this crazy DisCo going on over my head.12 students of IIIT,Hyderabad were called for interrogation by the faculty,on ‘charges’ of ‘ragging’ the first year students.i had the honour and the pleasure to be one of them.the ‘mishaps’ that lead to my being called by the DisCo and the details of the memorable time i spent with the DisCo will be narrated in some detail in later entries.but the present scenario is,3 ppl of the ug2k4 batch have been suspended from the college till their parents come and meet the verdict has been passed in my case,till now,and i hope none ever gets to be.b’coz any verdict that gets to be passed by people of the DisCo which i faced,cannot be a positive one,in any case.

so ppl,i am keeping my fingers crossed,and would request you to do the same,for me as well as for those who are facing suspension.and yeah,also for this blog!

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4 thoughts on “Another attempt…

  1. Abhishek

    Hey Aniket, I would say that it’s a good way to introduce your blogsite, the comparison between a blog and a child was quite nice. I’m sorry for blogspot being blocked. Well nice one, and hope to see and read more of ur blogs in future(well if i get some spare time………..ha ha ha ha).

  2. Avi

    hey dude..
    surely a a nice begining !!
    big topics to be discused n xplored upon on this blog spot!!
    n i hope u live upto xpectations…
    a real kewl start..but do take care of ur child!!
    dun get obsessed wid it..

  3. …sumbit ur blog here ..will gain mro

  4. ranjeet

    work of fiction or reality?
    i find lot of “abisheks” frustratin us every time

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