Why do people do so…?

ok ppl,i wrote this poem long back,when i was in…lemme see now,class XII,or maybe XI.so considering that i had also dropped a year,it’s been almost three years.but i guess the poem is relevant to every situation.

so here goes…

People criticize famous presons

showing off is the usual pretext.

But in every second conversation,

drop their names,out of context.

Why do people do so?

People criticize others for things,

in which their own self discipline is lax.

They criticize others behind their backs

for criticizing others behind their backs!

Why do people do so?

To seek recognition in a particular group

people do a lot of toiling

If still ignored,back off,half heartedly,saying

that the group wasn’t worth their joining!

Why do people do so?

As soon as your back is turned,

many a presons’ good nature ends.

People do not show honest faces,

even to their well-wisher freinds.

Why do people do so?

PS:(1) Hope u liked the poem 🙂

(2) Before writing any comments,plz try to see the poet(?) in the light of the fact that he was an XI class kid back then,and was not as u see him now.

(3) Thanx for being so patient.

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7 thoughts on “Why do people do so…?

  1. gr8 poem…. dood… listen…y don ya write bout me…. hehehe… i’m an inspiration 2 many…

    okay i’ll cut d crap…. good work yaar, c-ing dat u have poems as a category, hpefully v’ll b treated 2 more gems

  2. aniket

    sure dood,there’re more 2 come ur way.
    just keep on reading this blog 😀

  3. Maruti

    Hmm .. nice poem … i think u shd have taken English Literature as HSSM

  4. @maruti
    he has taken dood .. !!

  5. Randeep

    liked d poem…do write more

  6. kool! 🙂

  7. well…. have u changed one bit since your 11th grade ? nopes… 😀

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