My sisterz!!!

Well ppl, most of the regulars at blogging and blog reading must’ve read a lot of blogs dedicated to somebody’s girlfriends. And why only blogs! A lot of the beautiful work in poetry of every language is about girlfriends. So,it is usually very unusual to write about one’s sisters. Well, I have no girlfriend (never gave it a serious thought actually ;)), but i have been very lucky, entirly very very fortunate as far as sisters and my relationships with them are concerned. I have a lot of them,and they mean the world to me.

My childhood, my teenage, infact my entire lfe would’ve been nothing without my sisters. Mom tells me when i was very young, about 2 yrs old, my elder sis, who used to be 5 at that time, used to read me any comic book that she could, and i would look at her, my mouth agape, and would later memorize everything. My younger sister unknowingly gave me a lot of self esteem, as with her pleasant arrival came the realisation to me, that suddenly I was ‘elder’ to somebody. I still remember how I would recall each and every person I knew from memory, and on comparison, I would always find that everybody was older than me. It was then that the thought of Sunanda comforted me. Somebody at last,was younger and smaller!

My first flings which later became full blown affairs for the lifetime, with music and books were started by my elder sis, Munmun didi, whom i call Mundidi for short. She introduced me to the world of cassettes, magazines and novels as easily and lovingly as she had introduced me to cricket and comic books a few years ago. She would do all the buying, and issuing and I used to reap the full rewards of her efforts. I, who was comsidered too small and careless to be entrusted with such things, and I know that if those things hadn’t been given to me on a platter by her, I wouldn’t have bothered anyways, and thus would’ve remained a barbaric savage, to see nothing beyond my trekking and wandering and wondering and cricket and probably some textbooks…almost every new thing in my life used to be initiated by her, and the process continues, the latest addition to the list being the guitar. Yeah, it was didi again, who arranged for me to learn the guitar, which is now my latest crush, and a big source of inspiration, satisfaction, popularity and of course, enjoyment.

My didi told me which friends to keep (although i never listened to her), but her advices taught me quite a few things in life. I’ve faced two serious breaches of trust in my life so far, and both of them had been predicted by her. As for sunandi, I was always her elder brother, very protective, and have fought quite a few bloody battles for her. I knew there was always a code of conduct for me, as I was sunanda’s brother. And as everybody can see,there still is!

Time has flown on its wings and thankfully, we all are now well settled in our respective fields. The differences in our ages have diluted, and now nobody’s elder or younger. Our relationships have evolved, and physical distances have grown, but we still share each and every small detail in life. I almost constantly need help and guidance from my sisters on every account. And why just help and guidance? I simply need to share, just tell them about each and every small detail of what all’s been happening to me. Both my sisters are such an integral part of my life!

I don’t want to end this blog by saying any such thing that goes without saying (love you or miss u), but i honestly wonder what made god give such a jerk like me, two of the best sisters in the world???

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7 thoughts on “My sisterz!!!

  1. Ankit Saraswat

    there r some serious typing mistakes.
    plz correct them before any one else points them out.

  2. nothing touched me more than this recently…..literally made me cry and laugh with the way u have described abt sisters….a true heart winning,moving description…smtimes stupid and intelligent at the same time…but each and evry word is damn true…

  3. aakanksha

    wat i rite is only my personal opinion so plz do not mind if i turn out to b a harsh critic-
    d start is something dat did not really prompt me to go further on………
    ppl rite abt whom dey luv so be it ur grlfrnd or ur sis shud not really be a grave issue……..
    beside uhv not been really open abt things….
    eg-blunders(wat blunders?)..
    it does not really create d effect wich it wud hav otherwise .
    d middle portion was good.
    language was crisp wich is d kind of riting dat suits d blog.
    overall(for others):giv it a readin.

  4. nice blog …. makes for a gud change 🙂

  5. nice one ….. the part where u said that a realization dawned upon me that i was elder to somebody was a nice expression ….. though i never been in such a position…..

  6. well written.. a touchin post!

  7. Gauri

    my god, u were always a vry senti and caring bro.. although i’m reading it after 6.5 years, i would like to know abt ur guitar..

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