Date: 6th of October, 2006

Time: 5:15 in the evening

Venue: The Football Ground, IIIT-H

Event: Inter-house league match between Agni and Aakash

Atmosphere: Extremely charged. Literally buzzing with cations and anions.

Description: Kabeer Singh Bedi, of Aakash house, in possession of the ball, advancing from the right flank, towards the Agni goalpost. Inder Rishi Singh Kochar, one of the best booters around, advancing rapidly from center to give him company.(Hell, they’re at their 1-2-1-2 again). The Agni defenders, Supreet, Aniket and Tipo have been left behind.(Tipo is at the far corner anyways). Only Manish Jain, the ever so reliable Agni goalkeeper is in the way of the two charging sardars, but even he looks edgy.Supreet is running, Aniket is running harder and panting, let’s see if they can catch up with the Aakash forwards…
…Kochar passes the ball to Kabeer, and at the same time, Aniket catches up with Kabeer from behind. Kabeer contemplates a pass to Kochar, and Aniket tackles him at the same time, but unsuccessfully. The ball stays with Kabeer. He’s now about 20 yards from the post now, in possession of the ball, and charging, but with Aniket in company now, who’s trying his level best to outdo the wit and agility of one of the best forwards in IIIT.

They’re now about 15 yards from the post, and Aniket tackles Kabeer with a deft shoulder push, which only unbalances Kabeer sightly, but for enough time for Aniket to have a boot at the ball, and Aniket pushes it in direction of Manish, the goal keeper, and the ball’s been chipped!

The ball’s been chipped, and it’s sailing, and Manish is standing under it, and the ball’s sailing…sailed above Manish’s head, and INTO THE GOALPOST! IT’S A GOAL! Aniket scores, but scores for AAKASH! it’s a goal! It’s a bloody SELF-GOAL! And Aniket is down, he’s on the ground, I repeat, Aniket is ON THE GROUND! He can’t believe it. The match against Aakash house last year, in which he had tackled kabeer so beautifully, had consolidated his postion in the team, and now he’s a villain! He’s down, and manish has rushed to console him, but he’s inconsolable…Aniket is INCONSOLABLE…

So ppl, this is a piece of commentary of the Agni Aakash match, in which probably the only self goal in the sporting history of IIIT was scored. And i have the dubious distinction of scoring it. Alankar, Kochar, Kabeer, Khatri etc. thanked me after the match, and offered to buy me a packet of Marlboros. Shukla was shaking his head in his customary ‘Kya Be…Saalle’, Rahul was grinning at me…

Only the Agni team behaved beautifully. Well, they’re the champions.

Manish tried his level best to convince me that the goal was all his fault, and not mine. Raja, Aditya etc. all congratulated me on having an otherwise excellent game.(Come to think of it, barring the self-goal, it WAS the best match I’d played for agni). They didn’t substitute me, even after the self goal…Their support encouraged me, and I played the next match against Prithvi, brimming with confidence, even after having a bad cold, and tackled the likes of Arjun and Dash well, and we drew that match. As for now, we’re in the finals, which will hopefully be against Aakash. And this time, I’ve promised myself, there won’t be any self goals…

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7 thoughts on “Goal!!!

  1. varun

    ask some1 to tell u about the LEGENDARY self goal by a gentleman ‘fondly’ called patke….its a part of iiit folklore now…and dont stress it, ur an excellent player.

  2. Ankit

    Y r u so upset abt it …
    even beckham once scored a self goal and was the most hated person in England .Put the past behind and only reflect the gud things….

  3. kudos 2 u dude.. 4 the way u guys came back 4 that last minute goal against aakash ( inspite of the setback u had ).. nd mus really salute the spirit u showed 2 come back in2 the came!
    Keep blogging!

  4. well well well….TULLU did it for us ..me bein an AKASHIAN…HATS OFF to u dude..u tried ur best ..but doesnt matter …better luck in the finals…try harder..for AKASH 😀 nxt time!!!!!!!!

  5. Avinash

    dude i tel ya sumthin..u write gud blogs but more importantly ur turning in2 a very gud player(defender)..n am serious!!
    i sw the whole match n believe me..u were exceptionaly gud in containin the two gr8 strikers..hats off..all the best for the grand finale:)

  6. varun

    bloody…kochar aur kabeer ko aise dikhaya hai jaise ki podolski aur klose khel rahei ho…second comment on the same blog….bloody vella!!!

  7. han…bhai..rock !!! ye sub to hota rahta ..no need to be so serious …tujhe to pata hi hai ..
    “ANT BHALA TO SAB BHALA” mearns ..End is impotant ..
    we got in final …let’s rock now !! 🙂

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