From Prof. Marathe’s pen… only for me!

To be honest, I consider myself a not-so-bad writer. I’ve been writing ever since i learnt to write(well,almost), have had a few things in print, and over time, have received a number of interesting comments,too.
But these remarks by Prof. Marathe, given to me on an english story writing assignment, for his Literature Course were a bit different. I’m not down and looking for sympathy, just that they make an interesting read.

This could’ve been an interesting story, had there not been so many problems with it.
First of all, you’ve taken very little trouble to format it. It was a big nuisance reading it. Talk to me about fromatting a text.Poor formatting puts enormous strain on the reader, and gets little returns for the writer.
Inappropriate use of words at various places, excessecive use of slangs, characters and incidences casually introduced without any justification or consequence and wrong and casual usage of punctuation marks are there, alongwith a number of other mistakes which I have indicated in the margins. Take proper care not to repeat them.
your writings reflect the depth of your reading, which i perceive has been good, but not taking proper care while writing nullifies all youe effort and skills.
Want to rewrite the ‘story’?”

Well, this was what he wrote at the end of the text, and besides, he has pointed out so many errors in the text, that the whole three pages are now more in ‘red’ ink than in ‘black’. All that, when that story was mine had been a pretty well appreciated one!

Tell you what, if there is a professor in IIIT, who is dedicated to his job, to his students, and makes all out efforts to improve the skills and thinking level of his pupils, it’s Prof. Marathe. He’s GOD. For those of you who haven’t had the chance to study a course under him, or when you did, couldn’t appreciate him, do take a course under him. He may not give any good grades, but listening to him, and spending time in his classes is a treat. And of course, you get to learn a lot of things, which i’m sure only a handful of people in this whole world may be able to teach, and I’m serious when I say this.

Hats off to Prof. Marathe!

PS: Notice the single quotes around ‘story’ in Prof. Marathe’s remarks on my story 🙂

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2 thoughts on “From Prof. Marathe’s pen… only for me!

  1. haha.. my story fared even worse then yours
    Yeah.. agreed with what u have 2 say abt Mr.Marathe.. For all those guys who are hesitant about picking up an English course for the fear of losing grades, c’mon .. its not all abt CG.. besides, u don get to learn much in other HSSM courses!

  2. young writers have a lot of punctuations.. 😛

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