Jazz, or Rock.

Don’t worry, I’m not proclaiming myself to be a music expert. I won’t let myself to conclude which one of the art forms is greater. This is not even a post that discusses music as such. I’m writing this post so that all of you who read this post discuss the pros and cons of holding either jazz, or rock as the main event for this year’s Felicity Musical Nite.

We had an interesting discussion tonight. Rather, some of the third years had a discussion, with me and Kabeer observing and weighing each one’s points. There were certain important points discussed.

First let’s get down to the facts. We are inviting a jazz band too this Felicity alongwith a rock band. We’re spending a sizeable portion of our funds towards this event. Talks are one with a band, and i’m told that those guys are one of the better Jazz bands in the country. More importantly, they’re very supportive, and very enthusiastic about playing in our fest. Apart from that, talks are on with AlterEgos, a big name in the Large Hyderabad rock scene.

So Anyways, its a win-win situation for us music lovers. Quality jazz combined with rocking rock, all in the same evening!

Unfortunately, if both of them are to happen the same evening, its only logical, that one follows the other. And it goes without a question that the Main event should be held in the end. Which brings us to the final question, which event to be held as the main event? Now, this needs some thinking.

Well, let’s start with ourselves. We’ve attended many college fests in these years. Each and every one of us is an expert on college fests by now.

How many of the fests that we attended hosted rock shows? Almost invariably, each and every one of them. What does it take to hold a rock event? An average acoustic system, an average band, and an average crowd, that doesn’t give a shit about the lyrics. all they want is to get drunk, headbang, and then leave the place, with the thought of whom to copy tomorrow’s assignment from on their minds. Everyone will agree that most of the crowd that we see at college fests is like that.

We’re IIIT, the best college in Hyderabad. Why should we do what all the others do? We’re supposed to be innovators, so why not use some of our imagination, and do something new this fest? Any goddam ABIT FKIT can hold a rock show and be happy with it, ‘coz its easier to do. Should IIIT not do something different, even if it’s more difficult to handle?

I know all this might seem like idealistic talk from some faculty, but believe me, holding and publicising this the Jazz Show as our main event makes a lot of business sense, too. Rock shows have been held in so many colleges recently, that they’ve become a mundane affair now. They do pull crowd, but a similar set of ‘Black-T-shirt-Blue-Jeans’ guys can be seen at every fest, screaming and banging their heads away. Its OK we want to pull crowds, but why not a quality crowd? If we publicise Jazz properly, I’m sure we’ll reach out to am although smaller, but quality crowd of jazz lovers, who’ll appreciate us for what we’ll give to them. Who knows, there might be a whole untapped group out there, waiting for some event to happen, and whenever it does, to enjoy it.

And why just Jazz lovers in particular? Anybody who loves and appreciates music would want to come to a jazz show, as it’ll be something rare and something different. And music is all about Variety. Anybody who doesn’t like variety doesn’t like music at all. Lets get people who do.

Finally, it’ll be a treat for us IIITians also. Honestly how many of us listen to, leave alone enjoy and appreciate jazz? We all started liking rock after we came here, after we got exposed to it. Who knows, after we see a Jazz concert, we’ll start appreciating it, too. Tastes, especially musical tastes, are all about experimentation. If nothing else, we’ll get to see some quality (these guys are supposed to be one of the best) saxophone and trumpet and jazz guitar players live in action. How many of us have had the opportunity to of seeing that? I, for one, haven’t.

Of course, we’ll have to publicise the event hard. If not just in the college going crowd, then among the corporates as well. That’ll make the job of publicing(campaining) more challenging and fun to do. Going to the same set of collleges year after year makes it a dull job. We’ll have a chance of doing something different there, too.

So watsay guys, do think about it. Post your comments and opinions on this post. Lets say how much my friends agree with me over this issue.

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4 thoughts on “Jazz, or Rock.

  1. if only about 5000-7000 ppl think like u and are interested enough to come for it 😀 we could have a very interesting situation in our hands. interested in the comments u get actually…will keep an eye on this. 🙂

  2. well u seem 2 make sense aniket….tho i’ve nevr really herd jazz but the whole idea seems promising…lezz hope for the best!!

  3. yup. it’s an unexplored area and m no expert to comment on it. However, i am in favour of your idea. Infact, just think of any average colege fest.. wat percentage section of the crowd enjoys heavy metal. Not more than 25%, I dare say. This I say with confidence with my experiences in the previous felicity. At that time, I wasn’t a rock fan, and found that I was hardly alone. A jazz band is an interesting idea, but I guess people will really have a ball if we have a good DJ performing in the main event.. wat say??

  4. Maruti

    yeah .. i have tried a lil bit of jazz .. and i can assure u all that the event would be helpful for all music lovers 😉 ..

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