Parting gifts

UG2k3 has started leaving. I’m writing this post partly ‘coz I want to record this exact feeling, and partly ‘coz I just feel like writing a new post. Yesterday we saw six people off at the OBH, and I could see that it was a kinda senty moment for them. Life goes on.

Those guys left a lot of their stuff in thier rooms. Some of it was grabbed by us ‘juniors’ as memorabilia. I got a tennis ball autographed by Grawl, and also an ultra cool guitar book that was handed down to him by Moosa. What a proud legacy! Only I lost the ball somewhere. Oh, What the heck, Grawl’s autograph wasn’t gonna be there for long, anyways. There was also this Good Guy’s magazine, which was autographed by the entire Adda wing. I dunno with whom is it right now. A CAT brochure, signed by one of the CAT toppers of this year, Harminder, and also by next year’s CAT topper, Tutts. Originally they gave it to me, but that big bully Bopanna snatched it. That’s alright, ‘coz I’m gonna rob his entire room when he passes out next year. A lot more stuff is up for grabs, stuff which has been witness to some of the most ‘historic’ moments of IIIT. Go get it!

These are also the last few days I get to rub shoulders (both literally and figuratively) with the best footballer ever to walk into IIIT, the one and only Gayam Raja. Although playing opposite to him is as great a pain as seeing him play is a pleasure. He’s a real rogue at times, and when he is, OUCH! I think it was his elbow that he accidently (although right now, I’d love to state the opposite) drove into my shoulder, and boy! It really hurts even now. Another fellow Agniite, K Aditya’s already left, and before going, he handed over to me his entire college life, seen through the eyes of different camers. Yeah, a lot of pics. Quite interesting ones, some of them. Another thing he gave me was truckloads of advice, strategy, tricks etc. That guy could probably write a book titled ‘HOW TO BE A SUCCESSFUL HOUSE CAPTAIN IN IIIT’. I hope we can achieve what he did for Agni.

People continue to leave as I’m writing this post. OBH is getting emptier, sharing on DC++ is coming down everyday and not a single of the top 10 blogs on smr’s blogroll was by a 4th year when I last visited the page. Time for us to reach the high standards set by those who came before us. GoodBye UG2k3 and all the best. It was nice knowing you.

PS: My shoulder really hurts. F*** you, Raja!

PPS : Tutts walked out on his own two feet from the campus.

PPPS: Tara-Rum-Pum is worth 35 bux and no more.

PPPPS: Either my batchmates have forgotten about me, or I’m an extremely bad blogger.

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9 thoughts on “Parting gifts

  1. aditya_ug2k3

    nice post buddy… really liked it…u will make agni proud.. and as for the book writing business,its not for me. i am too lazy to read a book in the first place,forget writing.

  2. Fine narration of the whole parting episode….regret to miss it though …[:(]… [courtesy: Prof. Anoop Namboodri’s damned semester project]….

  3. Ohh! I never knew that there was some gift ceremony organized by my BC group members :).. anyways, I’ve lotta stuff to offer too, which you can get in june 😀

  4. Dood.. don’t say that (ur last ps), i’ve tagged u :).. get going!

  5. a) b-o-P-P-a-N-a. I am NOT related to the national tennis player in any way. I am to narain karthikeyan though.

    b) the day the AGNI craziness stops i promise ill…..i dunno…do something….but fucking hell!! stop it!!!

  6. @ aditya : yeah of course man, I’ll definitely make agni, as well as IIIT proud(satisfied varun?)

    @ Nishant : All the best for ur project.

    @ Arora : Bilkul ji, agli raid aapke room pe 😛

    @karan : I knew you’d mentioned it, just a try at dry humour 😀

    @varun : Jealous Jealous Jealous JEALOUS JEALOUS JEALOUS J-E-A-L-O-U-S J-E-A-L-O-U-S….

  7. SpawN

    You agnians are proud? Or obsessed? 😛

    Nice that people are giving away stuff.. I’ve got some stuff to give away.. But no one really wants a Dietel C prog book or a Tannenbaum book.. 😛 I do have an nVidia poster.. it looks awesome! So when I am vacating my room, which wudnt be in the near future, anyone can come and lay claim to it.. Everyone is invited! 😀

    PS: I hope you’re a popular blogger in your batch! 😀

  8. nah – just that people from our batch(including me) are too lazy to leave a comment 😀

  9. Aiyaa! The problem is people read blogs… a lot! But they are too lazy to post comments. And anyways since when have you joined the league of I-am-desperate-for-comments. Write!

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