10 Best Atheletes I’ve seen in IIIT

Was planning to hold this post till after the sports’ day, but Himank’s post made me kinda senty. Tomorrow’s POPL end sem xam and look at what I’m doing. Grr.

I’ve been on the IIIT sports scene for some time now. Being more of an athlete than a sportsman in general, I’ve often felt that we athletes don’t get our due credit (except in terms of house points, of course :P). Here I’m attempting to make a list of the best (my favourite atleast!!) athletes that I’ve seen in IIIT. They include people from UG and PG 2k3 onwards, as I never saw the previous batches at athletics.

My criteria is of course excellence in athletics, and the cut-off requirement is being a dynamic athlete, as in one who is good at several things. People excellent in a single discipline and non-existent in all the others have not been included in this list. Also, since we’re talking of dynamism, and also because it’s difficult to compare some athletes, I’ve also included the ability at sports to distinguish between cases where a clearcut distinction could not be made. Also, people who I think are extremely dynamic in sports have made it to the list, even if they haven’t proven themselves on the athletic field as such. So here’s the list, bottom’s up.

10. Prudhvi Vatala (UG2k5): One of the most enthusiastic and involved sportspersons I’ve seen in IIIT. Again, makes it to the list more on the basis of dynamism in sports. Would be the captain of IIIT Volleyball team today. Also keeps the goal and the wickets. His devastating run in last year’s 4×400 relays cost Agni the gold for the time in recent memory. Extra points to him on involvement and dedication to sports.

9. B. Varun (UG2k4): This six-and-a half footer giant is not an athlete, but he makes it to the list on sheer dynamism in sports. Has been the mainstay of IIIT cricket team after Joon. Also played Basketball for the college even in ‘the basketball era’, so naturally must still be the best basketball player in his position today. He also would make it to the college Volleyball team, if one were to be formed today. And of course, he reserves that Gold Medal in Discuss Throw. Wow!

8. V.V. Harish Baba(UG2k3): From here onwards, it’s more about athletics. Figures kinda low on the list, as I’ve put more money on dynamism, rather than excellence in any one discipline.

Baba was the champ in last year’s 400, 800 and 1500m races. Also led Prithvi to gold in 4×400. Could run shorter races as well as the longer ones. Some one aptly named him ‘The running man.’ But didn’t excel as much in any other discipline.

7. K Aditya(UG2k3): Another UG2k3ian, and a huge source of inspiration, and the man mainly responsible for the horde of athletes Agni has produced every year after him. Equally good in runs and jumps, and has a very good athletic mind. Played cricket, football and basketball, too.

6. S. Rahul(UG2k4):
Has practically been the lone warrior from Vayu boys on sports days for the last 2 occasions. An allrounder, who runs well, jumps well, throws well, plays cricket and football, inspires and guides his house. Makes it to the list several notches above many people, for his ‘lone warrior’ quality.

5. K. Rahul(PG2k6): First PGite to make this list. A perfect gentleman, a good long distance runner and long jumper, he plays almost all the sports played in IIIT. The best defender in football, an extremely swift fielder in cricket and a good spiker as well. His grit in the Agni-Prithvi last cricket league match took everyone by surprise. And whatever Hockey I’ve seen in IIIT, nobody had better ball control and passing than him.

4. Naga satish(UG2k6): One of the best of the lot right now. Runs at amazing speed, and jumps well. But what makes him stand out is, his dynamism on the field. In my opinion, he’s the one who can take Raja’s place in IIIT football. Plays Volleyball, Basketball, cricket, TT…!!! a complete sportsman. The brightest player by far for the next few years.

3. Suman V.N.(PG2k6): If it’s my list, it’s impossible not to include Suman. This JNTU graduate has changed my general opinion of PGites in our institute, and from a House Sports Captain’s point of view, he’s a dream player. I can always count on him, and I seriously that think he can play almost all sports played in IIIT at almost all positions. The best footballer that we have right now, very accurate in Volleyball, and kept wickets for the winning Agni team, too. Right now fancying TT. And yeah, since it’s an athletes’ list, let me add that he can run fast, run long, and jump far too. :O!

2. M. Nishanth Reddy(UG2k6): I don’t have enough superlatives for this extremely gentle fellow from Nalgonda. His athleticism never ceases to amaze me. Seems he can do anything with his body. Is the fastest runner that IIIT has seen. Has an god-like hop in Triple jump, and can go on running the whole day. I’ve seen and run with national level athletes, and this guy is in their league; a cut above the present IIIT athletes. Also bowls with a superb line and length, good enough to make it to the college team, I think. Also the mainstay of Agni Volleyball team this year.

1. No prizes for guessing, the best is RAJA!
The best footballer, probably ever, to walk into IIIT. And also overall the best athlete, superior than any I’ve seen in IIIT so far. While he was there, it was difficult to imagine that Raja could take a step wrong. Why, he could manage the entire off-side field single handedly! And steal passes at will from even experienced basketball players! Not to mention his 3 consecutive best athlete awards in our sports meets. Swift as a hare and strong as a bull, I suspect he could’ve been as good a thrower as he was a runner and jumper had he only tried. Without a doubt, the best athlete IIIT has produced so far.

PS1: I just realized that the top 3 athletes in this list are agniites. I admit being an agniite and a footballer, I could be biased, although rest assured that I’ve tried my best not to be.
PS2: Choosing 10 people was a very tough job. My apologies to anyone who doesn’t agree with this list, but these are my personal favourites. I guess the next 10 people could include Abhilash, Kabeer, Mahaveer, Chakrapani (UG2k5), Kochar, Pandey, Joy, Rathi, Chinni, Avinash (UG2k4), Arun, Manish Jain (UG2k3), Sagar, Arpit, Ejaz, Manish Jha, Shubham (UG2k6) and some others too.
PS3: It was particularly difficult not to include Mahaveer, Abhilash, Kabeer and Kochar in this list. I guess they’re the next 4 people.
PS4: None from UG2k7 has made it to this list. Let’s wait till the sports day to see what we have this year.
PS5: Once Again sorry if I missed out on any deserving athlete. Do comment and tell me if I have.
PS6: No more PSs.

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29 thoughts on “10 Best Atheletes I’ve seen in IIIT

  1. Quite a list, though I’ll definitely have Abhilash, Kabeer in there. Besides, I’ll have Baba at a much higher position than what you’ve put him now. Otherwise, it was quite fine

  2. Aditya

    I am sure that you must have taken quiet some pain to come up with the chosen 10 on your list. I certainly would differ with you if I were to choose my top 10 athletes and rank them. Raja being ranked as the No.1 is one fact that everyone would concur with. Since you have called it the “top 10 athletes” and not “top 10 sportsman”, your views are very much justified. I am sure you haven’t deliberately ignored the female athletes in IIIT err you might receive some not so nice comments.
    Anyways, you have done a good job.

  3. Varun

    honoured…and very much at that….gotta say though…..think u forgot to mention joon…but then again, this is an athlete specific list….the dude played football, cricket (BRILLIANT!!), basketball, volleyball, tt and badminton (BRILLIANT again)….. 🙂

  4. Varun

    my bad…u did mention that u were only looking at batches from 2k3…

  5. Varun

    and can i use this in interviews?

  6. @ Aditya: Yeah, it is a bit of a gaffe on my part. Shoulda made a separate list for girls too. Vaise no prizes for guessing who’d top that list.
    @ Varun: My pleasure.
    @all three: Of course everyone would have their own list. Am still glad that you guys agree with most of the list.
    Do visit again.

  7. Abhijeet

    joon ko kyun bhool gaye bhai … waisa aadami naah aye dubara IIIT …

  8. Bhago aap marwaoge mujhe… 😛
    Vaise I have mentioned about it. I’ve heard a lot of stories about Joon, Rao, Ruchir, Baloo, Pati, Patel etc. But I didn’t see them much. So I’ve included only 2k3 batch onwards people in this list.

  9. abhijeet pagare

    Adi would definitely be higher in my list , plus mahaveer would be there as well ; both for the same reason : the passion with which they approach all games , come back again n again n put their best efforts.
    A nice compilation by the way !!!

  10. Shucks !! What can I say ..it is nice to know i weighed 95+ kgs once and now made it to top 10 😀 though I would support Karan’s comment (hehe! self-conceited rascal ain’t I ? 😛 …. Kidding ol’ pal )

  11. Aditya

    @abbulu There was a time when I weighed 70+ during the start of my 2nd year and worked hard ( by my standards, not yours) all the way to 58 for the sports meet. Aawww, I loved those early morning practice sessions where we used to challenge each other. Wish we could do that again but the corporate life made sure that I get enuf lazy not to think abt it. Don’t wanna talk more on this cos I am getting a bit senti here.
    @pagare Am I that ‘Adi’ you mentioned? Thanks buddy.

  12. @ aditya :
    U bet ! Those days are legendary … a part of IIITian folkfore 😀 always an honour to run with u Erra B !!

  13. prudhvi

    firstly thnx man.. but i thnk i’d put abhilash bfore me at any point of time.. he’s a gem of an athlete.. even mahaveer desrves to be on the list.. and i think suman shud b some where after K.Rahul atleast..

  14. Hey nice blog….people say i deserved it..but when I saw these top 10 players,I don’t find myself ahead to any of these…now come to top 10,I couldnt understand the rankings…like if you give preference to Athletics then K.Rahul,Baba,Prudhvi should be before Suman …aren’t they ??? and if you trying to give preference to overall sports then Prudhvi,Suman,Varun should be before Baba,Nishant ….anyway its your way of looking at..I am thinking that why dont I put my rankings here only to continue this unavoidable discussion… 🙂 … so here it goes…..

  15. My top 12 Athletes starting from 2K3 batches…the list is properly based on overall sports..

    12. IR Kochar – UG2K4 – Football,Basketball,Cricket,Athletics
    11. Abhilash – UG2K5 – Volleyball,Football,Badminton
    10. Manish Jain – UG2K3 – Volleball,Football,Basketball
    9. Varun Bopanna – UG2K4 – Cricket,Basketball,Volleyball,Athletics
    8. Arpan Patel – UG2K3 -Cricket,Football,Volleyball,Basketball,TT
    7. Aditya K – UG2K3 -Athlatics,Cricket,Baketball,Football
    6. S.Rahul – UG2K4 -Football,Cricket,Athletics
    5. Suman – PG2K5 – Football,Volleyball,Cricket
    4. Sathish – UG2K6 – Football,Athletics,Volleyball,Cricket
    3. Prudhvi – UG2K5 – Volleyball,Football,Cricket,Athletics
    2. K.Rahul – PG2K5 – Football,Athletics,Volleyball,Cricket
    1. Raja – UG2K3 – Football,Athletics,Basketball,Cricket

  16. Well, I was looking for dynamism in athletics. Also, if someone hasn’t exactly won medals on the field, but shows dynamism and athleticism in sport, I have considered that. That’s why Suman figures so high. About Varun and Prudhvi, they’re such good and dynamic sports persons that I didn’t think the list would be complete without them.
    Of course this list is based purely on my perception of a person’s athleticism, which could be different from anyone else’s persption. I hope nobody took it otherwise! It’s just a list of people I respect as my fav athletes.
    Mahaveer has come up with a fantastic list, btw.

  17. Aditya

    Mahaveer has come up with a fantastic list. I agree. He missed a very important point. S.Rahul also plays Throw Ball 🙂

    @S.Rahul ..no offence intended. Hope you take it in good spirit

  18. Varun

    i think we’re forgetting a pretty big name here….Raghuveer – he changed how IIIT plays volleyball and his influence on this single game was more then the influence of any of the listed names in their games….and now, ALL you ‘cricketers’, get off your asses, stop reading and commenting on this blog and start practise asap!!!!! pp and me will join after CAT….

  19. abhijeet pagare

    @ mahaveer : modesty , modesty , modesty !!!

    @ varun : yeah that we will do , but what about you practising toss of the coin…[:P]

  20. @Varun. Kaptaan nahi to hum kaha 😛
    @pagare.. well said 😀

  21. Nishanth

    thanks for including me into ur list….
    here’s my list of best 10 sports persons….

    6. Kabeer singh-UG2k5-Football,Athletics
    6. S.Rahul – UG2K4 -Football,Cricket,Athletics
    5. K.Rahul – PG2K5 – Football,Athletics,Volleyball,Cricket
    5. Harish Baba – UG2K3 – Athletics
    4. Abhilash – UG2K5 – Volleyball,Football,Badminton
    4. Prudhvi – UG2K5 – Volleyball,Football,Cricket,Athletics
    3. Aditya K – UG2K3 -Athletics,Cricket,Baketball,Football
    3. Suman – PG2K5 – Football,Volleyball,Cricket
    2. Sathish – UG2K6 – Football,Athletics,Volleyball,Cricket,Basket Ball,TT
    1. Raja – UG2K3 – Football,Athletics,Basketball,Cricket

  22. itsme

    @nishanth :- wheres ur name in tht list dude..
    stop being too modest man…
    i want a new list frm u which include ur name and in appropriate position..

  23. Nishanth

    @ Sudheer (“itsme”):-hey dude
    “the less i talk about my gr8ness, the more the people will think about it 🙂 ”

    strictly speaking, i don’t consider myself better than any of the ppl i mentioned mainly because i have so far excelled only in individual events

    i shall be a complete sportsman once i start playing a team game

  24. Pingback: My most memorable moments of the Sports’ Day ‘07 « a-plank-in-the-river

  25. Reader......

    Hey what abt You opinion after the Sports meet Dec-2007?? 😕

  26. sakk

    sab bakwass hai inter IIIT sports fest mehhh sabki polll khul gayi thi…..

  27. If only I had a dime for every time I came here! Superb writing!

  28. Im getting a small issue. I cant get my reader to pick-up your rss feed, Im using bing reader by the way.

  29. I completed half-marathon yesterday – my first.
    And here I am revisiting this post after such a long time.

    This post, subsequent comments, and all the memories they bring to me is simply overwhelming.

    PS: I’m just glad that I’m able to continue to be an athlete despite getting old. 😛

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