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Modi vs Hitler

I think some interesting parrallels can be drawn between Adolf Hitler and Narendra Modi. Some I can think of are:

1.Physical attributes: Hitler was around 5’8” tall, with average build. Modi (although a bit on the heavier side) also has a similar frame, which is a very common apearance actually.

2. Religious beliefs: Hitler was a devout christian, who praised christianity several times during his public apprearances. Modi, of course is a devout Hindu.

3. Vegetarians: Hitler turned vegetarian, which was highly unusual for a person in his time and place. Modi, it appears has always been a vegetarian. While Hitler is supposed to be have been a lover of animals, Modi reportedly considers a vegetarian diet an essential for body and soul and considers eating non-vegetarian food a resource intensive activity that burdens the resources of the world.

4. Fiery Speakers: Those who have heard him, have reported Hitler to be the fieriest speaker ever to walk this earth. I wouldn’t go that far with Modi, but from the video footages, and with whatever Gujarati I know, I can definitely say that when Modi addresses his rallies in Gujarat in chaste Gujarati, the masses have to love him. He could affect just by his gestures and mannerisms even those not knowing the language. If only words could kill, Sohrabuddin, Afzal Guru and Sonia Gandhi would have dropped dead by now. Also would have died of heart stopping several of the swooning youngsters and women who hang on to every anecdote, every remark, every roar uttered by Modi.

5. Self centered individualists: Hitler married his fiance only during the final days of ww-2; Modi has so far remained a bachelor. (Although there have been rumors linking him to a woman). Hitler shunned his father’s family, while Modi’s siblings etc. have several times rued in public that fact that ‘Narendrabhai’ doesn’t do them any favours. Both are reported to have no or very little number of close friends. Both come across as strong workaholics, too much engrossed in their ‘work’ to pay any attention to anyone else.

Some similarities regarding their style of working/ ideologies:
6. Rise to power: Hitler rose to power in the aftermath of the first world war, when Germans needed a strong leader whom they could trust to win back their pride for them. Modi’s era began after the average Hindu in Gujarat, who had been feeling insecure after the Godhra episode found an iron man in Modi. Both rose, because of a community’s insecurity.

7. Invoking regional identities: Hitler did it with the ideals of ‘Pure Aryan Race’, and ‘German pride’. Modi is doing it with the slogans of ‘Gujarati Asmita’. Both cut ice among the masses of the region concerned. While Hitler was hailed as the ‘saviour of Germany’, Modi is being called the ‘Messiah of Gujarat’. I personally do not have any ground information, and the Gujarat election results are yet to come in, but if the media reports are anything to go by, the hysteria surrounding Modi is unprecedented of any politician in Gujarat.

8. Intolerance of a certain community: If the media reports coming in from Gujarat are anything to go by, Modi sure goes at least some distance with Hitler along this road. Various media have reported about the alleged ‘Governement hand’ in the post-Godhra riots in north and central Gujarat, in which over 1000 Muslims were put to death. There have been reports of the Muslim community having been completely sidelined from the mainstream in Gujarat. Hitler of course was light years ahead of Modi. He’s been hailed responsible for the death of 6 million jews.

9. Autocratic ways: Hitler was the undisputed Fuhrer. The Chancellor and the General of the German military. And his clout far transcended the limits of the posts he held.
Modi has grown larger than anything in such an organisation which lays emphasis on collective effort and collective credit. Everything else has been sidelined, and the only issue that remains in Gujarat is Modi. He’ s not just a Chief Minister, he’s an autocratic monarch of Gujarat.

Modi might not have it in him to become a mass murderer like Hitler; drawing any conclusion from these observations alone would be impossible. Also we must not forget that Hitler’s rise to power was triggered by an incidence much, much stronger than what propelled Modi to pwer, and as such, Modi’s power far lacks the absoluteness of Hitler’s, who held an entire nation at his whim. Still it was quite an interesting thought process which culminated into this article.

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