Time: 1:30 PM

Place: A small shaded patch under a tree, in front of GH.

(Me and sashidhar are five minutes into a conversation)

Me: So Sashidhar, where are you going right now? Lab, I suppose?

Sashi (with complete sincerity): Man, I was going to the lab, but as I started talking to y0u, I no longer feel like going to the lab and working again. I just want to go to the hostel and relaaaaxx. Chal let’s walk to the OBH, na…

Me: (Needless to say, speechless. With a five inches wider chest.)

Wow! The aura of vellapanti around me is so strong that its five minutes’ rub-off is enough to put even CVITians off their work. And I have to live with it, 24/7. I just hope someone up there is looking after me…

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16 thoughts on “Vella

  1. Congratulations!!
    Kindly give me an appointment too 😀

  2. 😛

  3. ye ” : P ” ki kitni gandi smiley banti hai.. meaning hi convey nahin ho paara 😛

  4. He he he mast hai yaar.. 🙂 Waise i too generally give the same feeling to others.. 😛

  5. 😀

  6. Maruti Borker


  7. 😛

  8. vellacity meter


    4.32 vellapa/sq. meter


    your aura is capable of infecting 4.32 human being per sq meter of area …

    SUPER VELLA …. hence proved …

    but no where near the Super Duper Hyper Vella …..

    (the Writer of this comment) 😀

  9. anyday i ‘d prefer this 😀 rather 😛

    neways, nice that our conversations are also becoming a subject of discussion 😀 and yeah, i was initially planning on going to the hostel, but then decided to go to the lab, but then we met on the road… and rest is well, you put it!! 🙂

  10. @ @nks: Ahem, so you’re more vella than myself, huh? Well, prove it first.

  11. Well… i am surprised dat u dint know dat until now. Man… You have to be more observant… 😛

  12. @ all :
    lage raho lage raho ,,, long live IIIT ! :))

  13. ड्यूड आई एम् रियली क्युरिअस टू नो
    व्हाट यू टोल्ड हिम?

  14. @Devansh: I really don’t remember. As I’ve so explicitly mentioned in the post itself, it’s the ‘aura’ around me which does the trick. I guess perception is more powerful than words 🙂
    Btw, someone please check up on Sashidhar. It’s been 2 days, and the poor thing’s status message still says that he’s unable to do any work :(.
    The aura isn’t very easy to handle, you see 😛

  15. @aniket ..

    i’ve already done tht .. by writing such over-vellapa-filled comment … 😀

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