A new blog?

I was thinking of planning a new blog. A long way back when this blog was started, I had no distinct vision for it. With all due respect to the three years younger Aniket, he was probably too immature and nascent to think about things like ‘distinct vision’ and stuff. So this blog started. As my thoughts found an outlet, they flew in more and more freely and found their place on this blog. All kinds of thoughts and observations (from personal interests like music and athletics to philosophy to social commentary) made their way here. In between were a few works of fiction, too.

Some time back, there started coming some creative literary ideas in my head. And this blog started acquiring a literary shape. Soon I began to notice a certain reluctance in myself in writing random/ general/ non-literary posts, as it might destroy the specific ‘literary’ character of my blog.

I finally decided that it wasn’t good to stub out my thoughts and not take up non-literary themes. Also, that the majority of posts have been literary in nature and that this newly acquired character should be preserved. So, there should  be a separate blog for non-literary, personal kind of posts.

Quite a few questions arose after I decided to create another post. Okay, the literary works will be here on this blog. What about the past non-literary works? I decided to shift them to the new blog, too.

“What about the comments, then?”  “Okay, even they will be shifted.”

“Wait, this doesn’t seem right!” “Hell, not all things are supposed to be right, Okay!”

But then there were practical issues. People might have bookmarked, or at least identified some of the posts, and might want to visit them again. This partition ends that possibility, however remote it may be. Also, the blog records would be disturbed. Finally I thought I’d keep the older posts where they were and start posting personal posts on a different blog.

Now, what separates a personal post from a literary post? Are my travelogues literary? Of course. Are they not personal? Like hell they are. What about some of the philosophy? It makes for some good literary reading (by my standards), but is also intensely personal. What about the stories? Even they are written from personal experiences, and express personal angst.

“Is it really possible to tell where ‘personal’ ends and ‘literary’ begins? Can I really draw a line here?”

An island was inhabited by aborigines. They weren’t much advanced, and took life as it came. Soon, colonisers came and occupied the island. They brought with them their religion, their culture and their science. As others from their original place found that here was a place of opportunity, they started coming in droves. Soon the immigrants outnumbered the aborigines. Their leaders now started oppressing the aborigines. They told them that the island had a distinct culture, and that they, the aborigines did not fit into it. Therefore they had to leave, or they would be driven out.

In another such island, the aborigines were stronger. They were still in majority in certain areas. They successfully demanded a separate country from themselves.

But the differences between the communities hadn’t been as clear cut. The aborigines and the colonisers had come in contact, and adapted from each others’ ways. Many rituals and cultural traits were common. Some people had intermarried and had mixed kids. These kids had traits common to both aborigines and immigrants and if was impossible to tell which was which.

It was, therefore, impossible to partition one community completely from the other. Such a partition could never have the exactness of a surgical operation. Surgical operations can never be performed on two intertwined creepers. Such creepers, if separated, are bound to bleed for a long, long time. The wounds can often get septic, and become incurable diseases.

Just like Kashmir has become for India and Pakistan. And it is paining like hell these days. Even harder is the pain of the Kashmiri Pandits, who were driven out of their homeland despite being one with the majority Muslim population, just because some people thought that they didn’t fit in the overall character of the valley.

I’ve decided that my blog will stay as it is. And I wish certain other decisions were up to me.

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12 thoughts on “A new blog?

  1. I think your blog is fine as it is… no need to create a separate blog unless you are shifting to your own domain..

    for me a blog is a repository for all my thoughts, if you want to keep things separate, categories and tags are always there 🙂 use them…

  2. rp

    a blog which is a collection of just the short stories or lit stuff will be plain boring 😛
    The key is to strike a right balance with certain light-hearted mishmash sometimes!

    but i guess, a photo-blog or a travelogue would be a nice idea

  3. Chhaya

    Very subtle. Really liked the writing style. Its like what we were talking about the other day. baat ko bina kahe khud samne aane do. Well done. Last but one paragraph has scope for some improvement though.

  4. Kunal, yeah. That’s what I figured out in the end. That different kinds of posts are ultimately all my thoughts, and can definitely stay in one single blog.

    rp, so right. Variety in posts is the spice of life. Variety in cultures is the beauty of our country 🙂

    Chhaya, yeah. I’m trying ki baat bina boley khud saamne aa jaaye. But sometimes the immaturity and impatience just gets betrayed. Have some way to go… 🙂

    It’s always nice having you guys here. Keep visiting 🙂

  5. keep this blog. “simplyani” is a nice name, extended by .wordpress.com, of course. 🙂

  6. I am tempted to shout “qutub ud din tuglaq” 😛 but guess we all are sometimes …. nwz glad u cleared your doubts 🙂

  7. I didn’t comment because I concur with what you’ve said 😀

  8. Dont think too much about what to place where. Just write the damn thing :P.
    Ppl will read it anyhow. 🙂

  9. Abhishek, yeah I am going to 🙂

    Baba, “Mohammad Ali Jinaah ” could also have been an option 😛

    Karan, you must still comment. Just so that I know that you concur 😛

    Nishant, I hope so man. I do do hope so 😀

    Thanks for the visit guys. Keep dropping in.

  10. thank you, man

  11. This is a nice blog… Keep it up…

  12. Hey… I liked ur blog…
    Can we exchange links… I’ve already added your link in my blogroll… 🙂

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