You will come back to me

You will come back to me


You were walking away from me.

I couldn’t help watching as you went, gracefully on your soundless shoes.

Your bottom looked so cute, your wind-swept hair just as beautiful.


You had just dumped me.

After saying some mean things, but I’m glad we talked.

I know you didn’t mean to be rude, and to each one her opinions anyways.


You ignore me now.

I’m walking with someone beside; I brighten up on seeing you coming.

You greet the other with a dazzling smile; turn away just as our eyes meet.


You say that I’m in a rut.

As I don’t talk super bikes and cars and F1 races.

As I write in hindi, can’t tell Black Dog from Green Label.


That I’m a useless romantic.

As I love humans, believe that we’ll all be friends some day.

As I believe in mother earth and that whatever she gives, suffices.


That I don’t have it in me.

As I give as much as I receive, don’t loot and plunder and hoard.

As I believe in competing with self, have no desire whatsoever to defeat.


Why do you behave so strange?

I know I ain’t in fashion, but hey, you toh never conformed!

And rode hollow waves, and walked on air, not understanding what lay beneath.


Why are you looking outside?

You were so content and complete, and beautiful and with yourself.

Can’t imagine how the magnets of glitz and pomp pulled you so away.


We’ll be back together.

I know you, this isn’t you, and you’ll rediscover yourself soon.

Go, go around with the dudes now; you’ll realize their worth too, soon.


I’ll be waiting for you.

As for now, the heart aches, as I know that I’m the one for you.

But hey, take all the time you want babey, I’ll be waiting for you.




Disclaimer: This ‘poem’ is entirely a piece of my thought and does not literally portray my, or anybody else’s life.<!–[if gte mso 9]> <![endif]–>

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18 thoughts on “You will come back to me

  1. Your Friendly Neighbourhood WellwiSher

    I’d have to go with poem. 😛
    A poem need’nt have rhythm or rhyme(that would ofcourse make it a potential candidate for a song…nonetheless a song can be a poem too… ).The paragraphing,the flow of words,the impeccable description and cycle of thoughts plaguing the mind of a typical adolescent/teenager is articulately portrayed by the “POET” 😛 .Though i think u meant to write “I’ll **be**waiting for you.” in the first line of the last para 😉 Nevertheless great effort keep experimenting 🙂

  2. anumeha

    hey , U have penned your thoughts nicely , and it need not to be in any stereotype form , its good as it is ! and how true!

  3. Abhishek Sainani

    Wonderful piece of work… can’t say if its poem or not. 😦
    a phrase in each line, flow while reading…
    but no rhyming… can’t decide about it being a poem or not 😦
    Short and subtle, though!

  4. “Your bottom looks very cute”…what the eff…she has just dumped you. 😛

    “do go around with others now.
    To get to know them well,
    to realize my worth.”…ye hui naa baat…let she suffer the loss.

    katal likha hai waise, a poem or not.

  5. seeing the reasons why the girl dumped the poet, I’d say the poet is a fool waiting for her….

    by the way, hope you are not the one waiting for her 🙂

  6. hmmmm….. !! (nodding with appreciation)

  7. i agree with kunal 😉

  8. clickingthoughts

    good one yaar, but i wish it never have to be me 😛

  9. Very nicely written.. and very different..
    If not poem.. then What about calling this a ‘Hmmmer’. 😛

  10. rahul

    i talk Football and F1, do u mind introducing me 🙂

    nice one

  11. being dumped because one doesn’t talk football and f1 is really sad yaar.
    too much of pain
    flow of thoughts is really good. would definitely call it a poem for that.

  12. Thanks everyone for the precious comments 🙂

    YFNW, in my opionion, a poem should have rhythm at least. I don’t know whether this poem has any rhythm or not. And thanks for pointing out that that this looks like a teenager’s work. It definitely didn’t come out as mature as I would have wanted it to. The grammatical mistake has been corrected. And yeah, thanks for calling me a “poet” 🙂

    anumeha, glad that you liked it 🙂

    Abhishek, if you can detect some flow, then it definitely is a poem. Rhyme isn’t necessary. In fact, I hate stupid rhyming.

    Abhijeet, well, the idea I wanted to convey was that although he’s been dumped, the protagonist still loves and admires his lady.
    And the guy is confident that she’ll come back to him, so he himself advices her to go around with others. ‘Thik hai, ja kahaan tak jayegi. Aana toh mere paas hi padega :D’. He doesn’t want her to ‘suffer’ as such, but to realize what’s good for her.

    Anyways, to each one his own interpretation. If you took the “poem” in some other way than what I intended it to be, that only proves that there’s something in my work.
    And yeah, thanks for the compliment 🙂

    Kunal, don’t worry. I’m not the protagonist 🙂

    @nks, honoured 🙂

    Mythalez, seniors are always right. Rule 1 of IIIT, isn’t it? 😛

    clickingthoughts, I hope this happens to noone. But then won’t life be very dull if everything happened for good?

    Srijan, thanks for the compliment. Yeah, maybe you can call if a Hmmer. YIPPEE! I’ve invented a new art form! 😀

    Rahul, I’m not on talking terms with her, did you forget? 😀
    Thanks for the compliment 🙂

    Harsh, thanks for calling it a poem. And please don’t think of it as an autobiographical work 🙂

    For all my well-wishers, this poem is NOT an autobiographical work! It doesn’t resemble any person living or dead.

  13. Pinky


    everything pointed out is in perfect sequence as though u have been studying the protagonist for quite a time 🙂

  14. mast hai 😛

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  16. anumeha

    good hai ..improved ..I wouldn’t say it immature ..any one would even think the similar way when they loose some one , ….whether they are teens or in their 30s ..though expression and content would be different !

  17. vernon

    well done keep it up

  18. Hi Ani.
    There is good substance in your post. I don’t think it looks teen. It is good, but perhaps you could say the one who is dumped hasn’t matured much. Maybe the first experience? (He’ll learn to take it more stoically the next time!)

    A thought: Never try to outwit a woman scorned … you’ll get burnt!

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