Oh man, she’s everything I wanted.
I decide to beg her, to plead her to be mine.
And so I walk towards her, with purpose in my eyes.

But hey, what’s this? I feel a pang inside.
Something inside tells me to stop,
to wait, to think; that this is not the moment.

I tell the voice inside to keep quiet.
No question of a doubt, I tell it
She’s so, so completely perfect.

And that’s when it hits me:
She’s the perfect woman.
Who deserves a perfect man.

I stop, turn around and walk away.


PS: I’ve edited the previous ‘poem’ quite a bit. Tell me if it resembles a poem now.

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16 thoughts on “Perfect

  1. ZenWalker

    Sweet and charming 🙂

  2. anumeha

    incomplete types ..btw do all guys think like that ..??one who do are sweet !!

  3. Prachi

    All romantically poetic these days, hmm? 🙂
    Sweet and very true to the heart.. Appreciate the thought process behind it..
    Nice attempt.. Keep writing..

  4. nice.. liked it 🙂

  5. Fandu 😀 it was actually very funny and naive. Good one !!

  6. haw.. ye toh galat baat hai 😦

  7. Ankit Srivastava

    Awesome poem on perfection …but what made u think “”she is perfect””??

  8. Nice one 🙂

  9. I like your style. A poetry with a very informal soul.

  10. Thanks everyone for their precious comments and complements 🙂 Believe me, this is what makes it worth the while! 😀

    Anumeha, I think I completed it, but left it open-ended. And yeah, I guess more guys think like this, but would be horrified if you told them they do 🙂

    Prachi, now now let’s not take things too far okay! ‘romantically poetic’ kehte.
    Vaise you’d appreciate the thought process behind it da, you’re one of the people who know!

    Pankaj, funny that you find it funny :P. But I guess at first glance it does look a bit amusing.

    Sunanda, kisne kaha ki har cheez sahi honi chahiye?

    Ankit, good that you commented. Read the first line. “She’s everything I wanted”. Perfect hui na 😉

    Thanks people, keep dropping by 🙂

  11. rahul

    i second the title

  12. Sidjustice, poetry with an ‘informal soul’? I’m sorry I don’t see what you want to tell me here 🙂 Mind explaining?
    Vaise speaking of ‘informal’, yes, I don’t believe in the classical, formal meters and hold tightness of language and thoroughness of idea higher.

    rahul, thanks! I just wrote on an impulse, and to be honest I wasn’t very happy about it. But I feel vindicated now 🙂

  13. clickingthoughts

    u c normally i avoid reading poems on blog but this one i couldnt miss, very nicely written

  14. Wow!

    Short and simple! 🙂

  15. I am not a good judge of poetry but would say great theme and nicely written.
    Though the mathematical part of my brain wouldnt let me accept this poem with 3 lines in a para but thats just me and my queerness 😛

  16. I used the adjective “Informal” because this form of writing poetry is not the regular, usual or established form.
    Of course there are no official or prescribed rules for poetry writing, and you have utilised this “freedom” to express yourself in a way that the youth of today can better relate to the work. You have achieved this by using exclamations like “oh man” and “but hey”. The language is close to what we use in our conversations.

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