The girls I know

God has some pretty strange ways of putting thoughts into your head.

The night before last, I had a dream that I had written a very beautiful poem on my blog, and in the first comment, someone had written another poem.

I woke up, my insides all feeling like syrup. Try as I might, I could not remember the lines which I had written, but somehow some of the lines that were written in the comment had stuck in my head.

Seedha matlab ye, ki Bhole Baba sapne mein aa ke poem suna gaye. Jai ho!

Here are the lines. And well, I would write the same lines in the first comment if someone posted a poem, however beautiful, on the girls I know.


I just read some pretty lines

Written on some girls I know.

They were enchanting, engrossing,

Heart warming, much more than mere show.


I don’t have words for them.

Such things are seldom seen.

Just want to say that they’re beautiful

Those girls I know, I mean.

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15 thoughts on “The girls I know

  1. aww .. sweet 🙂
    par yaar miracle types hai ye toh .. sapne mein poem 😛

  2. Pinky Agrawal

    hey… how sweet… I rmr that compliment and now I shall rmr this poem as well..[:)]

  3. Chhaya

    Sweet! Poem about a poem..that too in a dream, interesting. And you sound really cute in this line “Seedha matlab ye, ki Bhole Baba sapne mein aa ke poem suna gaye. Jai ho!” hehe…you always keep surprising me a different side of you always :). And its a pleasure.

  4. Prachi

    Very sweet! 🙂 Since those beautiful lines in your dream were about the girls you know, I say thank you! 😀

    One of the famous poems, Kubla Khan, by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, was apparently inspired from a ‘vision in a dream’. I like dreams. Weird is the way in which they sometimes tell you things to do.

    Keep writing. 🙂

  5. anumeha

    Some guys are seldom seen ,
    they are simply beyond words
    and I was lucky ;
    i have one of my own ,
    my little brother,
    my angel !

  6. Sheetal

    A poem straight from the heart and has indeed reached and enlightened all the hearts out there…

    And considering the fact that it is about the girls you know…we all thank you 🙂

    Keep up the good work.

  7. Pranav

    There you go again – you give me more reasons to call you a romantic!

  8. The girls I know, my pleasure, ma’am. Glad all of you liked it so much. And as for the dreams part, well, as I said, Bhole Baba sapne mein aa ke poem suna gaye 🙂

    Pranav, yeah. If that’s so, then so be it 🙂

  9. Kya bhai kya ho gaya hai? Evry few days we see a romantic poem from you!! kya chakkar hai?? and ab to sapnon mein bhi!!
    sahi hai keep churning out more of these

  10. more romantic these days .. kuch chal raha hai kya life mei 😉 .. i mean kuch ishq vishq jaisa 😛 ..

  11. Avinash

    as always..i wud say keep writing..whthr thy be dreams(jai bhole baba) or ur thots 🙂
    nice one..

  12. rp

    Hey, interesting post 🙂
    I too was reminded of the kubla khan poem, do read it, its a beauty!

  13. Himank and Hellboy, mood mood ki baat hai 🙂 Vaise I’d suggest that you keep the writer separate from his writings 😉

    Aninash, thanks dude 🙂

    rp, I highly value this comment. Thank you 🙂 Have tried reading Kubla Khan several times over the past few years, but never could get any hang of it. Will try it again, now that you mention 🙂

  14. clickingthoughts

    so you had a poem dream [refer to Kungfu Panda for more ] 😀

  15. liked it I like your site, and your sense of style is impressive…

    moreover i am new to this type of blogging i like to you to visits my site ..and give suggestion to improve

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