Mary Jane

Mary Jane

Sometimes in my spare moments
I remember the times,
those that I spent with Mary Jane.
Mary Jane,
the love of my tender years
who would do things to me
that only she could.

I remember
the build up of anticipation
as my lips would touch her slender figure.
I remember the slow droop of my eyelids
as we would join and became one
in a heady embrace
which would make me melt
as the strings of the cobwebs
which had held my mind captive
would snap one after the other
and I would seep through to heaven
bit by bit.

As Mary would shower kisses
inside my each and every pore
making me feel special, loved and wanted,
telling me that I belonged.
That the world, although mediocre,
was good.

When in reality
It was only Mary who was good;
So good that her goodness used to take me away
from what this world
recognizes, and accepts, as reality.

Spending time in Mary’s arms,
and going to live, after that,
in the dominating, debating world
started getting tougher day by day
and to survive here, that I had to,
I had to learn
to take on the chin what the world was giving
without having Mary’s comforting embrace
soften the blows.

We are no longer together,
but love her I still
and am grateful to her
to this day
and will always remain so
not for the things which she did to me
not for the magic of her embrace
but because of how well she understood
when it was time to part
and let go.

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19 thoughts on “Mary Jane

  1. sreekanth

    never been much of a fan of poetry but this one strikes a chord. i think thats the best compliment i can give you.

  2. Why the name “Mary Jane”? Is she for real? Your poem flows without rhyme, nice…! 🙂

  3. Mary Jane.
    Why did you betray me?
    I longed and waited for you,
    Years passed and all I managed was
    How could you?

  4. Aditya Teja

    wonderful poem!!
    great expression. touching…

  5. bravo! on dat.
    Only a true mary jane lover, or neone who has had a rendezvous with her, can really appreciate the beauty of this creation of urs and i must say that u did a stupendous job. 🙂

  6. hey dude! good work!

  7. Thanks for the precious comments guys 🙂

  8. ‘as my lips would touch her slender figure’ … if this really didn’t happen… then I gotta say.. quite an imagination [:P] .. though I still think smthing’s missing.. how come no one notice it… is it the description of mary jane or the poet’s intimate relation with her … but commendable effort and beautiful too [:)] !!

  9. beautifully written! 🙂

  10. at the risk of sounding like a literature freak, i must say that the poem’s style is like that of Robert Browning’s poems 🙂

  11. Anonymous

    Mary Jane = Marijuana !

  12. Hate to talk like this, but here things might get a bit confusing if I don’t.

    According to me, this poem can have several interpretations. Your interpretation could be any of those, and/or anything else. Depends on you. Every interpretation is right, as long as you are honest to yourself about it.

    I don’t mind if someone takes Mary Jane to be Marijuana. It’s his/her own interpretation. I respect this interpretation as much as I would respect any other interpretation. At the same time, the content / form of any interpretation is independent of me as a person.

    Someone saw a love relationship being described here. Someone else saw a flow without rhyme. Yet another person saw Marijuana. All are welcome. I’m glad that they saw something in the poem. Nothing is right or wrong, what matters is that you enjoyed the poem and that you were honest in writing your comment.

    Thank you.

  13. clickingthoughts

    great great poem man, i only wonder how one can write so beautifully

  14. Good one man !!
    Showering of kisses in every pore. Quite a bit of imagination here.
    That the world, although mediocre,
    was good. If I go to interpret this I would say Mary Jane for any person is that “one person or thing” that makes the life worth living.

  15. blog8withmeeh

    oh wow—i was impressed!

  16. kuchh hindi me bhi likho bhai.

  17. rvivekshanmugam

    Wonderful Poem

  18. Saujanya

    i would want to see the mary jane who inspired this..looks like sometimes love gets stronger when people part..

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