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Why does the band play?

The power chords and the drumsticks
create monsters
which get inside listeners
and, in their inebriated states
Inebriate them further
making the heads,
immune to the pushes, shoves
twists, breaks, bruises, bleeds,
bang till they bang no more.

Does the band play
to revel in the power
it has over the audience?


Past the shackles
of timing and precision
is shining the drummer’s raw power.
Olivious to the flowing audience
and to his flowing hair
is the guitarist, rock solid
tearing apart souls.
Charismatic Greek God
Is the frontman, live wire,
through which all current flows.

Does the band play
to soak in the vanity
of looking like rock stars under the lights?


The gigs usually sell well
And earn them good cash.
It pays for the rent, the agent
the instruments, the fixtures,
as well as pays
for the fancy haircuts, the eyebrow trims
the mary jane, the champagne,
those little luxuries
their mortal souls aspire for.

Does the band play
to sell their skills
in exchange for some money?


There’s no honey poured.
They lash their drums
strangle their guitars
and spew venom
Against politicians
who rob them
against generals
who send them to war
against preachers
who inflame peoples
against lawmakers
who ban Mary Jane.

Does the band play
because they want
to vent out their frustrations?


Their followers refuse to conform.
They keep long hair,
smoke weed
ignore societal norms.
Free expression is good,
free sex is good
Outside control is dumb,
absurd, sinful.
That’s what the band’s music seems to be saying.

Does the band play
because they want
to change the way society lives?


Tied by an invisible thread,
they communicate without words.
On the canvas of silence
they paint a background of noise
splash it with colours
blend in the stage acts.
Each picture stays, but for an instance
and this creation and destruction
is something, which
belongs only to them.

Maybe the band plays
because they just want to get together
and make some music?


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