You know that quitting smoking wasn’t a bad idea after all, when

1. You finish the 1500m race with a silver medal and a timing of 5:16 without any practice. The year before, with two months’ rigorous practice, it had barely come down to 5:30 when you were still smoking.

2. You finish 10k, then 20k and then you start doing it regularly within a month. The earlier maximum had been 9k.

3. Your lips don’t look so dark anymore.

4. You smell someone smoking, and feel nauseated. How could I have taken that stuff in all those years?

5. You go home and don’t have to go paranoid about stuff emerging from your pockets.

6. You don’t have to worry about erasing the smell from your mouth. Be it before going to class or home.

7. You travel in a train, and don’t have to bear the stinking washrooms to have that smoke.

8. You suddenly have a lot more money to spend than you had before.

9. You spit out some cough, and for the first time in years, there’s no trace of black in it. And finally,

10.You handle not just exams, but bigger stuff like CAT, placements without cigarettes, and then get the awesome sweet feeling that you did it without them.That you gave your best, and there was no nicotine punching you through this time, and thus the results were all yours, and nobody, or nothing, else’s.

It’s six months now. And God willing, never again.

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23 thoughts on “You know that quitting smoking wasn’t a bad idea after all, when

  1. Fantastic post!
    Glad to hear all the great observations and great news!

  2. Pranav

    Wish you all the best!

  3. Congrats buddy!! Enlighten some of your seniors esp those bitches in pune and kolkatta 😛

  4. great going dude 🙂 keep up the good work..

  5. m confused !

  6. @everyone 🙂

  7. rp

    sweet post 🙂

  8. GG .. !! i wish keser read this post … !!

  9. Meghna

    Goofd going :)…All the best 🙂

  10. Meghna


  11. I know that it’s very difficult to quit smoking ..
    And u did it ….
    It shows how much control u hv on urself..
    Keep it up!! 🙂

  12. Interesting

  13. @ everyone 🙂

  14. varun


  15. @skp, kuch seekh isse !!

    @aniket, great dude 🙂

  16. awesome @ 1 and 2. I hope along with you 🙂
    Look at Varun.. I can feel his pain 😛

  17. excellent!

  18. Awesome… you inspire me… I’ll try and get over my addictions too… 🙂

  19. prashasti

    gr8 going…[:)] All the best for future

  20. 🙂

  21. Bhupesh pant

    word so true so easy yet so difficult so obvious yet so addicting and once overridden it is feels great…
    Hope one day at least my country people becomes a smoke free people…

  22. Charvi

    love the post.. ppl shud really read this!
    and of course my wishes for the ‘God willing, never again’ part 🙂

  23. Dhruvan

    Way to go man! Good Goin….
    may the force be with you…

    And for the rest of us unfortuante souls….well….what the hey!

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