I ε {class of 2009}

(Wearing our first batch TShirt in these final moments of our BTech got me thinking thus…)

What kind of a people are we?

If there is one defining characteristic of our batch, what is it?

We’re all reasonably good at studies. And we all like BCing and leg-pulling and basically chilling out and having clean, harmless fun. We’ve had some ups and downs, sweet moments and sour in the past three and a half years. When I try to look at my experiences and what I know of my batchmates’ from a bird’s eye view, one central theme becomes very visible to me, which I think defines our batch to a good extent. And that, I think, is our quality of endurance.

Flamboyant brilliance was never a part of our DNA. Unlike 2k2, we didn’t have six-foot giants mauling everyone on the sports fields. Or ultra-confident devil-may-cares capable of showing the middle finger to anyone. 2k3 undoubtedly had the best ever in almost every sport played in IIIT, and the best ever musicians ever to enter IIIT. 2k2 and 2k3, it is also said, had the toughest gamers ever. 2k4 were decent at most things, leadership included and got by far the highest number of awards I know of any batch. 2k3 and 4 also produced stud results in CAT and GRE. They got excellent placements in great companies. Our juniors are yet to show their full mettle, but even they have a fair sprinkling of individual geniuses in different fields.

So where does that leave us, the 2k5? When people from our and our neighbor batches remember us for our college life ten years from now, how many ’studs’ will they be able to recall?

There are definitely a few, but I’d argue that more than people who astonish the world with their brilliance, 2k5 is about people who started from behind and worked their way up, slowly and painstakingly without anyone knowing about it till it happened.

2k5 is about being a girl from a village and then coming to IIIT and getting a 1500+ score in GRE. It’s about not touching a computer till coming to IIIT, and then (not) sleeping in the labs for three years to become a world renowned coder, or a linux geek. It’s about giving an amused smile (and not showing the finger) to the world when it tells you to do something, and then putting your head down and writing an international level paper on your own. Or deciding to pursue a PhD in psychology after everyone has recognised you as a potential brilliant computer scientist. Or starting with it and soon making professional level designs and cartoons right here in IIIT.

It’s not about being a genius athlete from the start, but about starting with sports in the final year and playing for your batch and house and winning medals on the Sports Day. It’s about being from a village, listening to your first English song and touching the guitar after coming to IIIT, being ridiculed publicly by all and sundry for your accent, and then creating a rock band and performing a rock number on the Felicity stage.

Above all, it is about working day and night for the placements so that your batchmates get the best deal, despite yourself not having been placed. And still above, it’s about not letting a personal tragedy ruin you, but about channelizing those feelings to help those in need, and turning it into a mass movement.

There aren’t more than a few people in our batch whom others would gape at in astonishment. Less of the Sachins or Sehwags, that is. But in their place, a number of Kumbles and Dravids and Srinaths, who capture less attention, but end up achieving no less, and in some sense even more than their more noticed counterparts at the end of the day.

We have stood united (cliche? no, for this once, not just) and together we achieved a few things which might seem modest, but had actually been rejected as impossible in the beginning. 2k5 is about creating basketball and football teams from scratch by actually training the entire teams from scratch and then achieving balanced results against more experienced players. It’s about coming from behind and beating a team full of proper cricketers to lift the cricket trophy. In no small measure, it’s about starting writing and slowly developing into a batch of bloggers.

It’s about inheriting a huge load of expectations and still managing to take Felicity to the next level.

It’s about providing to the college an unpleasantness free Felicity and an unpleasantness-free inter house sports for once. It’s about standing together in desperate times, through fucked-up, frustrating placements, and still not allowing for cheating, or unpleasantness to happen.


At the end of the day, we didn’t get good placements or good results in CAT. If anyone says that collectively we have had a good start to life, he’s kidding you. We haven’t.

But then, we never did get good starts at anything, did we? And we always made good, didn’t we?

Sometimes I wonder why the tide had to turn the other way just when our turn came. But maybe it’s meant as an opportunity to bring the best out of us.

So let’s endure on, 2k5. Let’s not worry about what people say, and let’s just keep at it, like we always have. All will be well.

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77 thoughts on “I ε {class of 2009}

  1. wow wow wow wow wow wow … wow wow wow wow … wow wow wow wow … and so on… wow wow wow … and continued till infinity…
    sorry for the exaggeration of my expressions but I think its a nostalgic and an inspiring post for all of us, UG2K5 batch, class of 2009 and it was wonderful to have shared perhaps the best 4 years of my life… of course the later years would be better than the best! (not a PJ!) 🙂

  2. awesome.. simply beautiful and precise.. kudos…

    unique we stand 🙂

  3. great post!!

  4. there’s a line about me too, thanks man 🙂

  5. Kapil Bajaj

    Awesome Post man…. 🙂 Describes our batch completely….

  6. Nice one… You seem to have given everybody the right to come out with more such posts!! Sumday maybe me too!! 🙂

  7. simply AWESOME!

  8. Vatasal

    good post 😉

  9. Deepak Vig

    A true story 🙂
    I will say only one thing : All will be well. 🙂

  10. ‘Short and Crisp’ 🙂 … captures the essence of our batch

    @Himank : Well.. I’m thinking on the similar lines… may be we can all come up with our own versions of the same 🙂

  11. Pinky

    Finally ppl have started getting nostalgic.

    Awesome post!!!
    And indeed the quality of endurance uniquely identifies your batch..

  12. mohit

    awesome …

  13. Kiran Danduprolu

    Well Written …

    So u successfully learned how to write a … congrats 😀

  14. priceless post!!!

  15. you sketched out THE PRECISE image of the batch … as far as “tides turning the other way” is concern I would say “Kite rises against the wind… “

  16. Sachin

    nice post 🙂

  17. Well done 2k5.


  18. Pranav

    Good post.

    I hope each of you realizes your potential, by being slow and steady. Yes, endure on!

    I hope your batch makes a batch-trip to some place of common liking, and leaves the campus on a high.

  19. who is pursuing PHD Psychology? where?

  20. @ everyone: 🙂

  21. Chhaya

    Finally a time for relishing that sweet belonging to one class. Definitely it is a tough time to get started professionally, kudos to UG2k5 for standing through it “together” and best wishes for the future. Indeed, tough times bring out the best in people, and you(we? :D) all surely shall be well at end.

    PS1: Who’s going for a PhD in pshychology? Really glad to see someone break out of the conventional turf. Best wishes.

    PS2: Based on our ‘discussion’ yday, I refrain from ‘appreciation’. 😛

  22. Maruti Borker


  23. Awesome post 🙂

  24. Nice Post. 😐

  25. grrr8 post …

    n da same question …

    Phd psychology, who??

  26. These few moments make it all worth the pain :)..

    ATB to class of 2009

  27. Gaurav Kharkwal is going for PhD in Psychology.

    Seniors, thanks a lot for your wishes.

    Batchmates, let’s rock in the remaining time and after that! 😀

    Thanks everyone for dropping by. Do keep coming 🙂 Happy Felicity to one and all.

  28. Prachi

    Aniii!! I got caught up in the web of words again!! 😛 The post reminded me of those days when our batch passed out.. Nostalgia!

    Best wishes UG2K5! 🙂

  29. strangersingh

    a very inspiring post for people like me 🙂
    good work 🙂

  30. Be careful with the word ‘stud’ … i warned my batch when they used the word on our batch tshirt .. and i warn you too … 😀

    Good good 🙂 .. good to read abt 2k3 .. i feel old :p

    best of luck in watever you do next 🙂

  31. Sundeep Sancheti

    Nice Post.

    @Pranav’s comment: guys do not leave on a high for wrong reasons 🙂

    and as Halley mentioned, feeling old to know that it is time our juniors will graduate.

    All the best for your future 🙂

  32. uhm, this is really very awkward. I _Haven’t_ _Made_ it to any college yet, I’ve only applied for a PhD. There’s a chance that I may not get in anywhere (which, I hope, is very low). Just clarifying.

  33. @Geekay: You have _ _DECIDED_ _ to go for a PhD. That’s good enough. And knowing you, that you will make it is one thing we’re all pretty sure about 🙂 All the best for it.

  34. xyz from 2k4 on the rock night, “Yaar, hum to samajhte the ki tumhara batch c****** hai. But this has been the best felicity. Amazing batch!”

    Just coudn’t resist putting this up 🙂

  35. UG2k5 is more like a family….

  36. kartheek

    thanks for that cool post man,…

  37. awesome post dude!

  38. It touched me. You’ve no idea how much respect our batch has for your batch. You are heroes, your batch is truly exemplary, and you all will always be the ones that showed us the path. UG 2k5 rules.

  39. Avinash

    nice post aniket..
    bought in a sense of nostalgia..
    but don’t just write blogs..do enjoy the time left to fullest..4th yr is possibly the best time to have a blast wid frnds 🙂
    All the best for future!!

  40. awesome yaar…

  41. Pankaj

    superbly great…
    UG2K5 always inspired our batch to a great extent .

  42. Meghna

    Awesome post…very nicely written 🙂

  43. PK

    Hear HearUG2K5 …. all will be well. Buck up

    kudos to UG2K6 for a successful felicity

  44. whatta post bro, whatta post !!!

  45. wonderful post 🙂 …. so, its not just me who has started getting nostalgic.

  46. cherry

    awesome one dude ….

    Batch Trip dudes :(((( onli 2 months left

  47. Very Well written and a lil senti kind of post..
    I would not have known so much about the batch without this post…
    Some of the stories very unknown to me..
    gear up “Kumbles, srinaths and dravids” world’s looking ahead to you..

  48. nice … well written …

  49. Awesome!
    It couldn’t have been better!

  50. Sandeep

    Great post dude… I am speechless and senti after reading the post…

  51. Amit

    Senti senti sab senti…
    Kya katli likhta hai tu…

  52. Awesome dude…!!!

    “it is not about being the best….but its about becoming better”…..ug2k5…..

  53. A-W-E-S-O-M-E !! 🙂

  54. Namrata

    Superb post!!

  55. Randeep

    loved it…waiting for posts by Saini and Himank (common guys)

  56. wao.. simply awesome… loved reading this post!!

  57. wao.. simply awesome… heart-rendering post!!

  58. Abheet


    you guys are about to end a very very Awesome chapter of your life..
    and as the cliché says live it to the fullest 🙂

    Aniket, you brought back all those yearbook memories….

    @2k5: “There is no better time than adversity. Every defeat, every heartbreak, every loss, contains its own seed, its own lesson on how to improve your performance the next time.
    Malcolm X”
    Hope it helps 🙂

  59. Lydia

    A very touchy one and overall simply superb!!

  60. shashank paliwal

    seriously sir awesome post…i completely agree with chandra that class of 2009 is the batch which has the maximum number of seniors whom i personally respect and look upto,,,

  61. prashasti

    Awesome post yaar…last 2 months :(…

  62. cool post 🙂

  63. i cant help the smile at the end of the post.
    toching 🙂

  64. the above comment was after reading the post
    this one after reading the comments
    and is that a drop of tear trying to roll out of corner of my eye 😦
    i cant believe we only have 2 more months in college

  65. Shrikant, I saw Dasvidaniya only yesterday, and at the risk of being labeled as a sissy, let me confess that tears started rolling down halfway through the movie, and well, didn’t stop till some time after the movie was over.

    I now realize that that was because in many ways, I could completely identify with the protagonist – we have so much life here, in this place. And just like the protagonist of the movie, we’ll be leaving it all in a few days.

    The difference is that unlike him, we’ll have a new life to look forward to. But at the same time, the present life which we lead, with these amazing people, in this beautiful place, under these enriching circumstances, will never come back.

  66. Romit

    awesome post sir!!! hats off to you…. 😛
    the college won’t be the same after 2K5 leaves.

  67. A Crazy Person

    x1 … endure evolve … enjaaay …

  68. vipul

    senti to its core … it cant get better than this …. u guyz will leave after 2 months and frankly speaking i’m gonna miss u all a lottttttt 😦 …. n im now cursing myself y da hell i got enrolled in dual degree 😦
    will miss 2k5 a lottttt 😦

  69. I would ask you to write a blog on same topic after 2 years.I am not cynical nor humorous but i want to see what impact does time has ?

  70. It is also about a guy sleeping in room , out of no where wakes up and finds way to main foot-ball ground where a inter-batch cricket match is taking place. Although he is not a cricket player , he is not umpire , not spectator , was sleeping for almost whole match duration , not involved anyhow. But out of his love for batch cant stand the comments on his batch mates , is the first one to have a scuffle , Does a good havoc ( although not intentionally ) . Parliament and other batch – mates follow with repercussions , arguments , compromise and then finally pacification .
    But this guy does whats on his mind and does it relentlessly in the most reckless manner.

    And i love him for his courage and determination which makes him a wonderful person . May be i find mention in blog he writes after 2 years!

  71. Kya paaji, sharminda kar diya aapne toh… ladna jhagadna is not a good thing. It was an act of immaturity. Period.

    I’ll promise to write another post after two years, and God willing, after every two years. To keep track of where our batch mates are headed. Whether I am able to write it or not, one thing is certain – that if it’s about our batch, there will always be lots and lots of things to be proud of.

  72. What a gr8 post dear !!
    absolutely true and very touchy .. !!
    I’ll miss everything here .. !! [:(]
    thanks for this post … 🙂

  73. Himanshu

    Awesome post , touchy indeed . A tear tipped off my nose while i was reading it . kudos UG2k5 🙂

  74. Pingback: Farewell Speech « Life, shife and all that.

  75. prashasti

    The number of times I read the post it gets better and better….perfect portrayal of our batch….and it makes me to go back and leave those 4 years again…:)

  76. Manushree

    Will take this as a source of inspiration to do things in a better way while I stay in IIIT.
    I’ll try to start blogging as u suggestd .
    The post is really very nice and well described

  77. Just read this again and thought of dropping a line. What a post!

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