“Feathers” – IIIT Poetry Read Meet

TO: Students@students.iiit.ac.in

CC: ramancharla@iiit.ac.in

Dear poetry lovers,

You’re once again accorded a warm invitation to “Feathers” – IIIT’s own poetry read meet.

Date: Saturday, 14th March
Time: 6:00 PM
Venue: 3**, Main Building
Language of recital: Any under the sun (including any you might have invented). So far I’ve received entries only for Hindi, English, Telugu, though.

Some guidelines for the POETS –

FIRSTLY, you should bring your poetry in some form (i.e. hard copy, soft copy on a pen drive etc) with you. __DO_NOT__ rely on your memory – Read Meets can take their toll and your own poetry, among other things, might start escaping you after a while.

SECONDLY, if you want your audience to grasp your poetry better, you might as well bring print outs for them too, so that they may read AND listen. Around 20-30 photocopies of your poetry should do. If you’re loathe to take out so many copies, don’t worry and just mail the pieces you plan to read to me. I’ll bring the printouts for you. Honest.

THIRDLY, this will be a reading ALOUD session. You’ll have to __PERFORM__ your poetry. No restrictions here – you can simply read aloud your poem, or sing it, or sing it on the guitar, or dance on it, or whatever.
–> You may use any number and kind (with some discretion) of props for your performance.
Only constraint is, it has to be __YOUR__OWN_WORK__.
–> There’s one strong disincentive for a bad performance – The audience will be armed with newspapers and will be free to throw them at you.

FOURTHLY, you__WILL __HAVE__TO__DRINK__COFFEE__. No poetry without coffee. The first three guidelines are negotiable, but no compromise on this one. Period. And don’t worry, there’ll be enough for everybody.


Guidelines for the AUDIENCE:

FIRSTLY, note the time and place carefully.

SECONDLY, there’ll be newspapers (to be improvised as missiles on the poets) for you.

THIRDLY, throwing missiles on the organizers will be strictly prohibited.

FOURTHLY, there will be coffee for you, too, but __ONLY__IF __ there are enough of you present.

Thank you.
Aniket Sharma
Magazine Club.

PS: Can’t believe you went through all this! Anyways, see you there.

PPS: For those on the students list, you must have read this already (I hope you must have), and for those no longer on the list, well, you know all about it now. Let’s make Feathers a part of IIIT. Just like the Bloggers’ Day. Cheers!

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5 thoughts on ““Feathers” – IIIT Poetry Read Meet

  1. D00d….Yeh newspapers ka kya funda hai…tomatoes and eggs are supposed to be used for giving bad poets what they deserve 😛

  2. Congrats for the successful effort.. but i really missed the newspaper part 😛

  3. dude … i dont drink coffee 😛

  4. Thanks guys, and thanks everyone who attended the Meet. It was a pleasure for me to have hosted such a wonderful meet.

    I’m looking forward to more such meets in the future.

  5. nice. gg.

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