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How our lives have changed!

Change is the only thing constant in the world. But with the breathtaking (or breakneck) pace of growth of technology in the past thirty years or so, the world and people’s lives have been changing faster now than probably at any time during history.

Changes bring about differences between eras, and the life of a student passing out from a place like IIIT/ IIT today is vastly different from one passing out, say, ten years ago. The flow of time will bring about more changes, and life of an average student will be different ten years from now. This post is a humble effort to see some of the differences between the lives of us/ our seniors/ our juniors.

On our part, we do not know a world without:

1. Internet: From your daily life, try to subtract academic Google search, non-academic Google search, Gtalk chats, blogs, and DC++. No, don’t continue reading. Stop. And imagine.

Difficult, isn’ it?

Were we born about ten years ago, we would have passed through college without using the internet. I’m not passing any value judgment whether it would have been for better or for worse, but it surely would have been a totally different ‘you’. In what ways, can you imagine?

2. Mobile phone: Okay, there would have been a few more STD phones in the hostel, and things would have been just fine as long as talking home is concerned. But I wonder how the girl/ boy friends of the previous generation fulfilled their urges, given that there was no GTalk, either.

For those who work for things like these, imagine managing Felicity without cellphone.

3. Corporate jobs:
The late Narsimha Rao and Manmohan Singh opened up India’s economy in 91. Its effects on the lives of people like ourselves started being noticed in the lae 90s, when people started getting fat salaries, and things like ‘placement’ and ‘package’ suddenly found a place in almost every Indian dictionary.

Suddenly, the demand for a seat in IIT/ IIM skyrocketed, coaching centres mushroomed and our parents started tailored our lives so as to make us maximum suitable for a seat in IIT/ IIM.

Hard to imagine people like ourselves starting our careers at about half the salaries of our fathers and IITs being just a wee bit more than any other colleges, isn’t it?

In addition, our juniors won’t know a world without:

4. Digi/ mobile cam: By the time you leave from college, you all will have in excess of 1 GB of pics. Maybe even ten times that. And without having directly paid for a single shot.

A few years ago, there used to be 36 shots cameras, and people had to pay about 10 bucks apiece for every single shot. This is something we have seen, but the kids coming up in the next few years will find hard to imagine. Just like we find hard to imagine a world minus internet and mobile phones. .

5. Dish TV.
It came about in the early 90s. Some of us remember how it was like to live with, and love the good ol’ Doordarshan. I, on my part, grew up without a TV in my home for the major part of my childhood. Try telling that to a 22-year old ten years from now.

6. IPL/ T20 cricket. Some of us may scoff at it, but for the kids growing up now, probably this is THE cricket.

Faster, more resourceful life with many more physical comforts. But is it necessarily more enriching?

Changes will come, and it’s impossible to predict how and when, as all it takes is one bright idea (out of potentially millions) to revolutionize the world. Here’s to those changes, and to the hope that collectively they be for the better of our world!

PS: If there are more points you might want to add, I throw open the comments section to you 🙂

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