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Empty chips packets, bought to stave off the mind numbing hunger which results from missed lunches. Fruit peels, the reminders of the promises of a healthy lifestyle made to self over the years. Piles and piles of newspapers, drooled over during exams, untouched otherwise. Except for special reasons.

CAT and placement books on the table – reminders of those bygone times when I used to think about studying. The entire wardrobe on the backrests of the chair of the bed. Colorful, random crumbs on one particular pair of jeans. Remind me of that crazy farewell drink.

Eggs, egg peals, chaney, Tiger Balm – remnants of the sports day.

A few black wristbands, random gifts I picked from Tirupati for my sisters, never presented it to them. A green pen, bought long ago, for no particular reason. An orange colored whistle, looted from Himank on our awesome last cult nite.

A pair of scissors, bought to trim nose hair. Small pin-up national flags, long preserved on the window sill. Broken pairs of glasses, from one of the dirt football matches. A small lock whose keys I lost somewhere.

A game of cube I could never solve. Coins left randomly here and there. In times when the need to really scrounge for money arose, their predecessors always showed themselves up out of the un-likeliest of corners.

Question papers, memorabilia of all those dreaded times one could never wait to get out from.

The dust on the guitar, the less than perfect laptop and the huge Shield won on the sports day.

And finally, the reminder pads and sticky notes, bought to remind myself of cleaning the room, and later cosigned to the piles of debris.

Such richness, so many souvenirs. It never ceases to amaze me how much memorabilia you can collect only if you don’t clean up your room!

And just to think that after tomorrow, it’ll all be gone…

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Post farewell

The boys radiate with smiles
and the girls,
the girls are all beautiful.

It was a race,
a four year long
relay race.
We switched vehicles, and made pals
in those, who we
happened to ride beside with.

We wished all well,
but looked at them
only from time to time.
Had to have an eye on the road.
It’s tough to make love
while on the move.

The race is over now,
and we all sit on the finish line
lying on our backs,
rubbing our shoulders
stretching our legs
savoring the high
of finishing a hard-run lap.

And we see others around us
sweet summer sweat
oozing everywhere
wiping off the heat,
the dust, the grime of the races
from all the splendid faces
And we realize that that was how they had been
radiant, shining, handsome.

We’ll all run different races now
but as of now, they seem far away.
And as we bask in the sweet glory
of finishing one long, satisfying, fulfilling run

The boys, they radiate with smiles
and the girls,
the girls look just beautiful.

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