(Vivek and Aish are chatting.) 

Vivek: Hey Aish, I hope you didn’t mind what I said last night. I wasn’t totally in my senses, you know.

Aish: It’s alright vivek. I don’t think that much.

Vivek: thanks Aish. You’re a honey.

(A few minutes pass)


Vivek: Hey Aish, you don’t think too much na. Good.

Vivek: You were looking positively beautiful yesterday.

Aish: Hehe Thank you thank you.


(Next day they meet each other in a Store)


Vivek: Hey Aish! Surprise! Wassup lady!

Aish: Hey Vivek! Hi. You know what!

Vivek: What?

Aish: I don’t think too much.

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9 thoughts on “Fishing

  1. vrikmace

    I know its hilarious but I can’t seem to understand why! 😦

  2. you know, i don’t think too much :P, so can explain the joke 😀

  3. Is it real or cooked by you?

  4. what made perfect sense were the names of the characters.. 🙂

  5. 🙂

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