I know what you are. I know what you did. I know what you are doing, and also what you might do if things run as they are running now. Don’t pretend in front of me. I know most people are taken in by this pretending, but I’m not going to be.  

I can understand that you want to pretend in front of the world. Many of them judge. And you’re afraid that they will judge you. You’re afraid of being judged.

In your heart, you know what you did was wrong. You also know what you’re doing is wrong. Yet, you’re doing the same thing again. You’re doing it again because this is your way of convincing yourself what you did was not wrong. You keep telling yourself that some good will come out of it, or that this is how the world operates, or that this is something wrong, but you need it so it’s okay to keep doing it…

At the bottom of everything is the idea, the axiom, entrenched within yourself, which you’re afraid to face. And that is, that you’re a bad person because of the wrong you did.

You’re not bad. I know that. You’re as good as the best person you know. Trust me on that.

Just because you did something wrong, doesn’t make you bad.

Own up what you did, face it. Feel for it. Regret it.

I know sometimes things get hazy. You’re not able to decide what is right and what is wrong. But trust me, this is not your fault. The world is a very complicated place. So many layers of uncertainty cloud your vision sometimes and you’re not able to decide what is right and what is wrong. And as a result you make mistakes.

But don’t lie to yourself. Own up your mistakes.

And when the need comes to own them in front of someone,  and you’re afraid you might get judged, come to me.

I will understand.

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24 thoughts on “Listen…

  1. I kinda lost you at the beginning of the 3rd para. I could never digest a sentence like … “I know you are/were wrong” … something important I lack, I guess !

  2. Nice one!
    We want others to be non-judgmental unconditionally but we ourselves become judgmental with thousands of conditions. Having vision of innate goodness is the beginning to being non-judgmental.

  3. rahul

    A letter to self?

  4. It seems everyone comes with such a post once in a while.. but when I write such things myself I don’t understand what I’ve written 😀 … but here what you’ve written makes sense… 🙂

  5. Manushree

    Wow ! very Godly

  6. This is some heavy stuff!!

  7. Manu, Pankaj, Devansh: Thanks! Glad that you like it. Keep visiting 🙂

  8. Saujanya

    you’re certainly is better to own up one’s wrong than to take the weight of it..a feeling of guilt harms one more than anything else can..
    well written..

  9. well well …. Mr. Know it all …

  10. Wow, well written… and so true !!

  11. Chhaya

    I find the post interesting,the comments, even more so 🙂

  12. So true!! Totally agree. Somewhere in ones heart ..everyone realizes this, but the feeling of “others judgment” overcomes this realization.

  13. Dharmeet Singh

    Nice post…just thought you are reading the book Conversation With God these days…
    The line from Guru Granth Sahib Ji is quite related to this post… “Bhulann Andar Sabh Ko Abhul Guru Kartar (Ang – 61)” Meaning – Everyone makes mistakes; only the Guru and the Creator are infallible.

    • …and if we go inside ourselves, we find the creator. Guru is the one who shows the path. Right, Babaji? 🙂

  14. Saujanya, Abhishek, Abhinav, thanks for the wishes. Please do keep coming by 🙂

  15. Roshni Rawail

    Good! I like ur style of writing,Accidentally came across it while surfing….wud like to read more of ur stuff.
    See’if u can get thru to me..I’m an English-Language Professional Educator.
    Very Impressed with ur stuff….
    Good-Luck n God-Bless!

  16. Anumeha

    I found it very relevant..very impressive .
    Also I could relate it to my life too..

  17. good stuff a certain comment above says, “Godly” certainly !

    And hence only seems to be theoretical because the sustenance of the letter writer’s stand one life wouldn’t last consistently.

    If this were pulp fiction, I would say “So what if the letter receiver goes to the letter writer (ref: come to me) in one of the letter writer’s non-ideal moods”

    Unless the letter writer is God of course 😉
    But then again, how many of the folks involved in thsi thread would see this as more than an intelligent description of thought flow

    But nevertheless, brilliantly and very honestly written 😀

    ps: wanna co-author a book ? 😉

  18. good one! kinda a strategy my mom used to use to rat me out 😛

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