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My Name is Khan

Blang! The glass door was shattered. Three terrorists, carrying backpacks and automatic guns spilled into the production floor of the IT company.

“Oye! Hands up kar lo saare ke saare, aur khade ho jao! Nahi khuda kasam, ek ek ko bil mein ghus ke soot kar diyaan!” Boomed their leader in thick Lahori Urdu, over a round of machine gun air fire.

From the cubicle nearest to them, stood up a tall, fair-skinned man, shivering with fright.

“Suno bhai saab”, summoning all courage possible for him, he addressed the leader.

“Ki hoya oye suar! Chup chaap raheen!” the terrorist thundered, poking his gun at the man’s chest.

The man wet his pants, but looked into the terrorist’s eye.

“A-actually, my n-name is Khan!”

There was a moment of silence, as they both held each other by the eye. The man bent his head slightly and brought his shaking finges toward his brow.

“Chal, Nikla baahara!” The terrorist quietly pointed towards the door.

The man ran out of the shattered glass door. He could already hear the guns booming downstairs by the time he reached the terrace.

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