A Woman in Love

Writing a poem after a long time. Was inspired by this episode, but not enough to actually put it down on paper. Then Himank’s poem showed the way.

Finally settled in the packed compartment,
my brow was wet from the sun.
“When will the train start”, I thought
impatient to leave the station.

My gaze strayed outside,
pillar to post, door to door
and when it rested on the seat in front
it could wander no more.

For there sat quietly,
talking into the phone
a girl, as beautiful as ever existed
as far as I had known.

My critical mind took her in,
her eyes were pools of dark.
But so too was the complexion,
nothing that would leave a mark.

Her hair was thick and dark,
tied up firmly in a braid.
No city ‘posh spice’ this, my type,
she was a small-town maid.

Slipping over to firm hands,
bangles and bracelets were cute.
figure, well, a wee bit too full
underneath the plain Salwar Suit.

With a ‘What nonsense! What’s so great’
I regarded her as a whole again.
And there she was,
as beautiful as when we began.

‘How the…’ as I stared at her, puzzled,
she smiled, turned red, laughed into the phone
then bit her lip, glanced upward,
caught me looking and talked in a hushed tone.

And seeing her thus, the secret
of her beauty hit me, by Jove
She was so beautiful, for the simple reason
That she was A woman in love!
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33 thoughts on “A Woman in Love

  1. Man its time you increase your readers pool. I want more people to read and realize the beauty in Art-of-Writing. Masterpiece indeed.

    Among few of the poems of yours so far (My opinion).

    • Thanks man, and yeah, let’s device a plan to increase this blog’s readership using your marketing skills 😀

  2. Piyush Nigam

    nice read 🙂

  3. A very fine poem indeed.

  4. applauds !!!

  5. Namrata

    Amazing piece. Loved the last line!

  6. Nice one ! 🙂
    nice ending..

  7. Kabeer

    By Jove too gud 🙂

  8. End of a poem should the beginning of a new one 🙂

    • Yeah, I personally like those kinds of poems more. And am more happy when I write one of those. Still, variety is the spice of life 🙂

  9. Beautiful!

  10. rahul


  11. 🙂 😦 😀 🙂 …. !!

  12. Brilliant..

    and generally I never read poems, have never appreciated poetry as I do prose – but this one is awesome!

  13. Splendid!

  14. Pachi

    Loved it!

  15. Chhaya

    Astute and gripping. Thumbs up!

  16. Sneh Bhatt

    I am not a big fan of poetry..but this is rea..ll..yyy…very nice ,hats off to the poet…good going..

  17. Manish Maloo

    awesome bro.. keep postin in n continue wid poems as well along wid ur other works.. Master pieces as they are.. 🙂

  18. Beautiful 🙂

  19. Everyone, thanks a ton for the appreciation! I’m completely floored by all your comments.

    Hope I can put together even better stuff later. Do keep visiting. Thanks again!

  20. Nice! Loved it!

  21. Anju

    Very Well written, I liked it.

  22. Abhishek

    mast….sarah teasdalic…:)

  23. Manas

    toooooo goood man…toooo good….

  24. ankita

    lovely… 🙂

  25. yash

    good one man.. +1 to daddu.

  26. Dj

    You weave words to perfetion!

  27. Thanks guys, I am glad you guys liked this poem so much. Hope I can keep producing stuff which you like as much and more 🙂

  28. Saujanya

    wish everyone noticed beauty in simple things like that..good job.. 🙂

  29. Varun

    wonder how many read it and after the first thought of, “nice!”, thought to themselves…

    katt gaya bechare ka! 😛

  30. Puneet Gangal

    lovely post mate !
    Fantastic !

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