The Anatomy of Attraction

Guys are attracted to girls. And in a not so obvious, but perhaps more intense way, vice versa.

The basic reason behind this attraction is simple – reproduction. It is hard coded within every individual that it wants to reproduce and further its species.

The physical and emotional characteristics given to man and woman are in direct correlation to their functions in this reproductive cycle. Men give the required fluid which the female takes and fertilizes it and carries it in her body. It is the female which has to carry the child not only within her physical confines, but also after it is born. It has to understand the unsaid expressions of the young one of the specie while it is not only helpless and can’t fend for itself, but also can’t express itself. That is why the enhanced power of perception in the female.

The anatomy of attraction is further refined by the of another primal instinct – survival. Every specie wants survival – not just of itself but also of its gene. For that, it needs healthy carrier individual which can expand its gene.

Men find women with wide bottoms and large tops attractive. While the former suggest to their primal instinct that the female will be capable of carrying a large (and potentially healthy) child, the latter are suggestive of better feeding facilities for their offspring.

This kinda explains why men are attracted to a female body. But why aren’t females attracted to a man’s body to the same extent? Why is it that the male mind (or whatever he projects of it) is more important to female in deciding her partner rather than certain characteristics of the male body which might perhaps suggest more fertility?

The answer could lie in the characteristic which females have evolved through the millennia breeding their child : the power of perception.

Every female, like the male, wants to further her gene and for that wants that gene to be carried by the strongest carriers. But unlike the male, she has the foresight to understand that the strongest carrier will be the one with the maximum intelligence, not necessarily with the maximum physical capabilities.

In other words, using her powers of perception, the female sees through her potential offspring with the male specie – and more correctly evaluates which one would be stronger: this combination, or that.

All this, while all the man keeps thinking about is the front and the behind.

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12 thoughts on “The Anatomy of Attraction

  1. Rajesh

    Good one 😛

  2. vrikmace

    Yup! Yeah… hmmm… so? 😀
    Read Selfish Gene, if you haven’t read it yet, and you’ll learn more! 🙂

  3. This is a very Darwinian view that Survival and Reproduction are the driving forces for Human Being!

    More exploration within ourselves reveals that we do not just need to Survive and Reproduce, but we need a lot more. I feel, when we begin to see that more our perceptions about human being start changing beyond the popular notions.
    Popular notions include,
    1. Darwin: Human desires are Comfort Centric.
    2. Adam Smith: Human desires are Profit Centric.
    3. Sigmund Freud: Human desires are Pleasure Centric.

    The amazing thing is, you have taken into account Darwinian view to explain the phenomenon of Attraction. The same can also be explained with the Freud’s theory and in fact many more. This is an amazing thing that we can see same set of events with multiple perspectives and all of them may be incomplete.

    I feel, if we explore more within ourselves then we begin to see that we need “something more” than just Pleasure, Profit and Comfort.

    What is that more? I leave it for all of us to explore further.

    • the 3 versions seem the same, anyways I get your point 🙂

    • Wish I lived in a nation where Freud was the father of the nation.

      • Inspite of the fact that I would say freud is God (perhaps the devil too 😛 ) him being father of the nation is as good as justifying rape/all primary instincts 😛 … all dictator ruled nations are quite close to that ! 🙂

  4. Totally agree that what I have given is a simplistic view of things. As Devansh has so elaborately put it, there can be different theories explaining the same phenomenon.

    I am yet to do any significant reading on this topic. Sky, indeed, is the limit. What I have done is to try to articulate, a bit humorously, a situation that I have been observing on the basis of the limited prior knowledge that I had about human behavior.

    I agree with Devansh that this is certainly not the end of discussion. Ultimately, we all need to explore within ourselves to find out what is right for us.

  5. where you the TA for the biology course offered in our college?? 😛

  6. Namrata

    I loved your take on the topic. It was witty and very well written. Now, I understand why guys go gaga over people like Kelly Brook :D. They are doing it for their future child/children 😛

  7. Saujanya

    hehe..well put!
    explains a lot 🙂

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