Wide Shut


She shot him an alarmed look as eyes turned in their direction. Surreptitiously fiddling with her bra in crowded malls got him off. This particular adventure under the hook, however, had gone a bit too loud.

With curious eyes on them, she walked quickly. She wanted to get as far away as possible.

“Well, even Amma would never have imagined me holding hands with her dad before marriage”, reasoned the bespectacled, sari-clad woman as her shocked expressions melted into a sigh.

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24 thoughts on “Wide Shut

  1. Dude read the last one and this one as well.. but I guess you are better off writing the types you used to.
    Somehow not striking any sort of chord and tad confusing as well.

  2. rahul

    ek aur blank 😦

  3. Enigmatic. Looking like the reader has to write the explanation for the pose taken from some literary work.

  4. re read it three times … still didn’t get it …

    Guess too cryptic for me !!

  5. Honestly guys, I didn’t mean for the story to not be understood. I just tried out a new thing. Look at each line as a separate image. The connection between images will become apparent.

    People have been getting them at first time, too. Interestingly, most of them have been females 🙂

  6. Nice!!! I loved it!! And yes…i got it in the first go!! If what i understood is what was intended!!

    • Thanks for the compliment 🙂

      Thanks for being a case-in-point to my previous comment 🙂

      And most importantly, thanks for coming. Do visit again 🙂

  7. Interesting…

    But yeah, even after imagining it as separate images, it is cryptic 🙂

    • Hmm… I’ll try to post less cryptic stuff. No point posting something which people don’t enjoy reading ‘coz of this reason 😦

  8. rahul

    “Well, even Amma would never have imagined me holding hands with her dad before marriage”, I can’t make the slightest sense of this.

    Explanations tend to ruin things. So will understand if you don’t.

    • Thanks for understanding. Am grateful to you for that 🙂

      I can never explain my story or poem in a public forum. At a personal level, only during an engrossing discussion.

      Getting any writer to ‘explain’ is somewhat like getting a girl to say ‘I love you’.

  9. That was seriously awesum! Read it so many times to understand the last line.. but when understood, it was well worth it!

  10. Nice one again!

    Even to me — “Well, even Amma would never have imagined me holding hands with her dad before marriage” — is totally encrypted. 😐 But still the crux was understood from the first few lines. 😀
    btw looks like someone is fascinated by the 55 fiction!? Good good!

  11. sundeep

    the previous one was better.

    • sundeep

      a few more posts with this writing style, and simple juntha may no longer readily read simplayni’s blog 😛

  12. Manish Sharma

    I too did not get it 😦

  13. hahah …. brilliant !!! 😀

  14. Very interesting.

  15. akshita

    Really a good one!!! 🙂

  16. Tejal Jain

    Ineffable depth and understanding of the woman world.

  17. Tejal Jain

    ^ Especially goes to the guys out there who cant make a head or tail of this short story, to maybe take a leaf or two from the authors’s book 😛

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