Home away from home

One year

It was the first day of placements. M$ and DE Shaw. We were standing in 220’s wing, discussing the outcome of the day’s placement. M$ had not given any offers. Piyush and Prashasti, we were told, had answered every single question asked by the interviewer. When asked why they had not given any offers, the explanation given by M$ had been that people were “not good enough this time”.

We stood there in the wing, laughing our guts out. “Saala, koi bhi place nahi hua, sab ke sab chud gaye!

The conversation slowly was beginning to take a morose turn, when suddenly, Himank appeared in the wing with all the momentum (an amount which I can never hope to muster) possible for him.

Abe, saalon, DE Shaw bhi zero! DEShaw bhi zero!

“DE Shaw bhi zero!!! M$ – DE Shaw: zero – zero!”

“Abey ye match to draw ho gaya!”

And there was another huge bout of laughter. I remember wondering at that time when was the last time I had laughed so hard. And also that why one earth were we laughing so hard.

Throughout the initial placement season, laughter, and roaring laughter at that, was something that was always round the corner. A year has gone by, and I cannot imagine how much more difficult things would have been, had it not been for that laughter.


It was the fifth day of the placements. In the past four days, we’d had a total of six companies, with a grand total of six offers. Two companies had not given any offers, Three had given one each. Amazon had been the God, lord and master, with three offers. The same set of people would wake up every morning, dress up in their formal bests, write the papers, give interviews and come back rejected. There were people who, in the beginning, had cracked all writtens but were rejected in all the interviews. By this time, they had stopped cracking the writtens as well.

So the Vice President of this company came for the PPT and said Good Evening. To an audienceof 180 people, none of whom, at this point of time, was capable of finding anything good about the evening.

“Good Evening, guys!”

Feeble, can be the term for the response from the audience.

“Good Evening, GUUUUYSS!” He again exhorted.

The response from the ‘guuuyss’ still wasn’t very encouraging.

“Okay,” said the V-P. “I’m not likely to receive a nice good evening from you people like this. Let me give you an offer.”

The V-P seemed strangely confident about this offer as he continued, “See, the louder the ‘Good Evening’ I receive from this class, the more the number of hirings I’ll take from here…” he finished with a broad self-satisfied smile on his face, the kind which I suppose comes from the satisfaction of having created an awesome, god-level piece of humor.

I don’t remember the reaction of anyone else, but I didn’t find anything remotely humorous about this proposal.

“Okay people, ready? Say, Good Evening!”

“Good Evening, sir.” The voice was a bit louder now.

“Umm, not good enough. Say it again!”


“Still not good enough. I might take three for this. What say, Madhu? He asked his HR.”


“Ho-hum… four, Madhu?”

And this process repeated itself, till the time, in increases in steps 1, his hire count had risen to 7. Towards the end, people were screaming at the top of their voices. And at least a few of them, I know, were screaming in the wild hope that maybe it would make a difference; that the V-P had be telling the truth – that he really would take more people only if they screamed a bit harder.

I was sitting exactly in the middle of Motorola hall, unable to utter a sound. I didn’t cry during the placement period; that time, I really came close.


I had quit hard drinks long back, but I had promised myself that I’ll drink whiskey when the last person of the batch got placed. I never really did that. A few people who got placed, making themselves inelligible for the other companies got their joinings on a date a year afterward. A company which came for recruitment turned out to be fraud. A company which came for recruitment shut down. Quite a few packages, not much to begin with, were further slashed. The placement committee was still functioning atleast till October.

The person who spoke on behalf of the placement committee at the farewell congratulating everyone for their ‘100%’ placement, one of the few good men credited for whatever jobs 2k9 passouts have,  will be coming to Hyderabad today to join his job.

Sometimes things are so away from usual, that for better or worse, they start appearing amusing sometimes.

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The journey

Sitting inside,
peering out of the windows of,
dangling from the doors of,
or traveling atop
the luxury bus

its air, conditioned
from all dust, smoke and soot,

and in august, pure company
of a hundred beautiful people

we looked down
upon those
running helter skelter
unprotected, alone
on the road outside.

Only to become one of them
after a four year long
unforgettable journey.

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Empty chips packets, bought to stave off the mind numbing hunger which results from missed lunches. Fruit peels, the reminders of the promises of a healthy lifestyle made to self over the years. Piles and piles of newspapers, drooled over during exams, untouched otherwise. Except for special reasons.

CAT and placement books on the table – reminders of those bygone times when I used to think about studying. The entire wardrobe on the backrests of the chair of the bed. Colorful, random crumbs on one particular pair of jeans. Remind me of that crazy farewell drink.

Eggs, egg peals, chaney, Tiger Balm – remnants of the sports day.

A few black wristbands, random gifts I picked from Tirupati for my sisters, never presented it to them. A green pen, bought long ago, for no particular reason. An orange colored whistle, looted from Himank on our awesome last cult nite.

A pair of scissors, bought to trim nose hair. Small pin-up national flags, long preserved on the window sill. Broken pairs of glasses, from one of the dirt football matches. A small lock whose keys I lost somewhere.

A game of cube I could never solve. Coins left randomly here and there. In times when the need to really scrounge for money arose, their predecessors always showed themselves up out of the un-likeliest of corners.

Question papers, memorabilia of all those dreaded times one could never wait to get out from.

The dust on the guitar, the less than perfect laptop and the huge Shield won on the sports day.

And finally, the reminder pads and sticky notes, bought to remind myself of cleaning the room, and later cosigned to the piles of debris.

Such richness, so many souvenirs. It never ceases to amaze me how much memorabilia you can collect only if you don’t clean up your room!

And just to think that after tomorrow, it’ll all be gone…

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“Feathers” – IIIT Poetry Read Meet

TO: Students@students.iiit.ac.in

CC: ramancharla@iiit.ac.in

Dear poetry lovers,

You’re once again accorded a warm invitation to “Feathers” – IIIT’s own poetry read meet.

Date: Saturday, 14th March
Time: 6:00 PM
Venue: 3**, Main Building
Language of recital: Any under the sun (including any you might have invented). So far I’ve received entries only for Hindi, English, Telugu, though.

Some guidelines for the POETS –

FIRSTLY, you should bring your poetry in some form (i.e. hard copy, soft copy on a pen drive etc) with you. __DO_NOT__ rely on your memory – Read Meets can take their toll and your own poetry, among other things, might start escaping you after a while.

SECONDLY, if you want your audience to grasp your poetry better, you might as well bring print outs for them too, so that they may read AND listen. Around 20-30 photocopies of your poetry should do. If you’re loathe to take out so many copies, don’t worry and just mail the pieces you plan to read to me. I’ll bring the printouts for you. Honest.

THIRDLY, this will be a reading ALOUD session. You’ll have to __PERFORM__ your poetry. No restrictions here – you can simply read aloud your poem, or sing it, or sing it on the guitar, or dance on it, or whatever.
–> You may use any number and kind (with some discretion) of props for your performance.
Only constraint is, it has to be __YOUR__OWN_WORK__.
–> There’s one strong disincentive for a bad performance – The audience will be armed with newspapers and will be free to throw them at you.

FOURTHLY, you__WILL __HAVE__TO__DRINK__COFFEE__. No poetry without coffee. The first three guidelines are negotiable, but no compromise on this one. Period. And don’t worry, there’ll be enough for everybody.


Guidelines for the AUDIENCE:

FIRSTLY, note the time and place carefully.

SECONDLY, there’ll be newspapers (to be improvised as missiles on the poets) for you.

THIRDLY, throwing missiles on the organizers will be strictly prohibited.

FOURTHLY, there will be coffee for you, too, but __ONLY__IF __ there are enough of you present.

Thank you.
Aniket Sharma
Magazine Club.

PS: Can’t believe you went through all this! Anyways, see you there.

PPS: For those on the students list, you must have read this already (I hope you must have), and for those no longer on the list, well, you know all about it now. Let’s make Feathers a part of IIIT. Just like the Bloggers’ Day. Cheers!

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“Hello, Where are you, sir?”
“I’m in front of the school building, Shekar, where are you?”
“Even I’m in front of the building, sir…”
I raised a hand, and moving it so as to catch attention, I did a full 360 degrees, looking around for someone talking on the phone. I registered no one.
Still waving, I said, “Shekar, do you see me…?”
“Uh, umm…”
And almost as soon as I’d said it, I wished I could eat those words.
Of course Shekar didn’t see me.
That was because Shekar couldn’t see. If he could, there was no need for me to be there.
He was one of the students of the Special School for whom a group of us from Samvedana were acting as ‘scribes’, for their intermediate AP Board examinations.

Lost for words, I raced my mind for another plausible question which he could answer to reveal his location to me.
“Uh, okay, what colour shirt are you wearing, Shekar?”
“Umm, black sir, it’s black.”
I was out of the school campus now. Looking around, I saw at some distance what appeared to me to be a group of visually impaired kids. One of them was talking animatedly on his cellphone. I went to him.
“Hey, are you Shekar?”
The voice recognition was instant. “Ohh, Aniket sir.”
“Yes, Shekar, how are you?”
I held out a hand, only to keep staring at it for about ten seconds. Finally, I extended the arm and patted him on the shoulder.

He was wearing a maroon-colored T Shirt.

The exam was Hindi, and by conventional standards, Shekar wasn’t very good at it. Neither had I expected him to be. After all, hailing from a village in Andhra, he isn’t supposed to know Hindi in the first place. But far above anything else, he doesn’t read, and he doesn’t write. Whatever he knew was what he had remembered from what a dedicated teacher had read to him.

He knew the Antonyms and Synonyms very well. But when it came to doing sentence correction, he simply fluttered his blank eyes with all the more fervor. And had all of them wrong. I had anticipated this situation, and had planned to write as much as I could for him. Also, I had resolved to let this be his knowledge that I was writing whatever he was telling me to. But now I was mired in dilemma. Didn’t Shekar deserve to know the exact place he had carved out for himself in this world full of kids more advantaged than himself? Should the chance of this one humble, but true pride be denied to him? Or should it be the case that given his condition, he should be allowed to use as much luck as came his way? Will it be luck at all to get more marks than what he actually deserved? Or did he deserve more than what he actually would have got under a neutral scribe, and thus a partial scribe was only a fair thing to have?

What will be better for him? Knowing exactly where he stood in the world, or the confidence boost that inevitably comes after a good score in the exams, howsoever may it have been acquired?

The exam got over, we gave them chocolates and packed their bags, and Sushant, my co-scribe for another kid and I asked them who was coming to take them home. There was some confusion at first, but a few phone calls here and there (the kids kept some important phone numbers to memory) confirmed that they were going on their own.

Sushant and I were worried, and asked them whether we could walk them to the nearest bus stop at least. But they insisted on going by themselves. Concerned, we kept watching as they walked down the road for some distance, and then stopped. Sushant and I, convinced that they were in trouble, went to them to offer help, but we needn’t have worried; as soon as we came within earshot, we realized that they had stopped only to do some BC and to discuss about the paper.

We, the eyed ones entered a nearby shop to have a pepsi. The three and a half hour exam had been tiring for us, too. As we came out of the shop, we saw the kids at the far end of the road, barely visible now.

While on the way to IIIT, Sushant revealed to me that Sujaykar, the kid he had been writing for, had solved almost the entire Sanskrit paper, and could easily expect 95+ marks. Sushant had assured him that his paper had been written in a very legible hand, and that he could expect excellent marks from the paper. At this, Sujaykar had told him that he wasn’t worried about passing or failing. That the results were all up to God.

Indeed it must be this faith which keeps their hopes and sincerity up in these times when people with everything provided for are giving up. As the picture of the kids, walking down the far end of the road and farther away from us came to my mind, I wondered how far would I have gone.

Thanks, Samvedana,
for providing me with this wonderful experience. Let’s go some distance along the steps we have taken.

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I ε {class of 2009}

(Wearing our first batch TShirt in these final moments of our BTech got me thinking thus…)

What kind of a people are we?

If there is one defining characteristic of our batch, what is it?

We’re all reasonably good at studies. And we all like BCing and leg-pulling and basically chilling out and having clean, harmless fun. We’ve had some ups and downs, sweet moments and sour in the past three and a half years. When I try to look at my experiences and what I know of my batchmates’ from a bird’s eye view, one central theme becomes very visible to me, which I think defines our batch to a good extent. And that, I think, is our quality of endurance.

Flamboyant brilliance was never a part of our DNA. Unlike 2k2, we didn’t have six-foot giants mauling everyone on the sports fields. Or ultra-confident devil-may-cares capable of showing the middle finger to anyone. 2k3 undoubtedly had the best ever in almost every sport played in IIIT, and the best ever musicians ever to enter IIIT. 2k2 and 2k3, it is also said, had the toughest gamers ever. 2k4 were decent at most things, leadership included and got by far the highest number of awards I know of any batch. 2k3 and 4 also produced stud results in CAT and GRE. They got excellent placements in great companies. Our juniors are yet to show their full mettle, but even they have a fair sprinkling of individual geniuses in different fields.

So where does that leave us, the 2k5? When people from our and our neighbor batches remember us for our college life ten years from now, how many ’studs’ will they be able to recall?

There are definitely a few, but I’d argue that more than people who astonish the world with their brilliance, 2k5 is about people who started from behind and worked their way up, slowly and painstakingly without anyone knowing about it till it happened.

2k5 is about being a girl from a village and then coming to IIIT and getting a 1500+ score in GRE. It’s about not touching a computer till coming to IIIT, and then (not) sleeping in the labs for three years to become a world renowned coder, or a linux geek. It’s about giving an amused smile (and not showing the finger) to the world when it tells you to do something, and then putting your head down and writing an international level paper on your own. Or deciding to pursue a PhD in psychology after everyone has recognised you as a potential brilliant computer scientist. Or starting with it and soon making professional level designs and cartoons right here in IIIT.

It’s not about being a genius athlete from the start, but about starting with sports in the final year and playing for your batch and house and winning medals on the Sports Day. It’s about being from a village, listening to your first English song and touching the guitar after coming to IIIT, being ridiculed publicly by all and sundry for your accent, and then creating a rock band and performing a rock number on the Felicity stage.

Above all, it is about working day and night for the placements so that your batchmates get the best deal, despite yourself not having been placed. And still above, it’s about not letting a personal tragedy ruin you, but about channelizing those feelings to help those in need, and turning it into a mass movement.

There aren’t more than a few people in our batch whom others would gape at in astonishment. Less of the Sachins or Sehwags, that is. But in their place, a number of Kumbles and Dravids and Srinaths, who capture less attention, but end up achieving no less, and in some sense even more than their more noticed counterparts at the end of the day.

We have stood united (cliche? no, for this once, not just) and together we achieved a few things which might seem modest, but had actually been rejected as impossible in the beginning. 2k5 is about creating basketball and football teams from scratch by actually training the entire teams from scratch and then achieving balanced results against more experienced players. It’s about coming from behind and beating a team full of proper cricketers to lift the cricket trophy. In no small measure, it’s about starting writing and slowly developing into a batch of bloggers.

It’s about inheriting a huge load of expectations and still managing to take Felicity to the next level.

It’s about providing to the college an unpleasantness free Felicity and an unpleasantness-free inter house sports for once. It’s about standing together in desperate times, through fucked-up, frustrating placements, and still not allowing for cheating, or unpleasantness to happen.


At the end of the day, we didn’t get good placements or good results in CAT. If anyone says that collectively we have had a good start to life, he’s kidding you. We haven’t.

But then, we never did get good starts at anything, did we? And we always made good, didn’t we?

Sometimes I wonder why the tide had to turn the other way just when our turn came. But maybe it’s meant as an opportunity to bring the best out of us.

So let’s endure on, 2k5. Let’s not worry about what people say, and let’s just keep at it, like we always have. All will be well.

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A junior of mine was telling me about the time when he recently hung around with some alumni. He was kinda surprised that the alumni had received him so well.

I wondered as to why should it be a matter of surprise to any IIITian that an alumnus is welcoming him, and asked him why he thought so.

“Ab sir, yehi hai na, mein koi neta toh hoon nahi…” (“The thing is sir, I’m not a neta…”)

I looked at him for some time, trying to gauge whether the words that had come out were the cover-up of a frustrated sour-grapes-wannabe loser or the expression of a feeling genuinely harbored in the past.

I’ve known some people who remained at the forefront of extra-curricular activities in recent years. And yes, I do think for some of them that they thought that that made them belong to some elite class. But I’d also always thought that these people were the only ones who thought so. That even one guy not from the so-called ‘elite’ class has notions of the ‘eliteness’ of an elite class points to a problem. And this is entirely new for me.

I can hardly solve the problem, if there exists any such. And examining this issue in detail is something that I think I’m least qualified to do. I can only say this much to my juniors.

That you need NOT be a neta to expect a warm welcome from me when I am no longer a student of this institute. Or now, when I am leading a fairly active campus life in my fourth year. A knock on the door and some good manners will do just fine.

And that this also holds true at least for all my friends who are studying in or have passed out from IIIT.

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Time: 1:30 PM

Place: A small shaded patch under a tree, in front of GH.

(Me and sashidhar are five minutes into a conversation)

Me: So Sashidhar, where are you going right now? Lab, I suppose?

Sashi (with complete sincerity): Man, I was going to the lab, but as I started talking to y0u, I no longer feel like going to the lab and working again. I just want to go to the hostel and relaaaaxx. Chal let’s walk to the OBH, na…

Me: (Needless to say, speechless. With a five inches wider chest.)

Wow! The aura of vellapanti around me is so strong that its five minutes’ rub-off is enough to put even CVITians off their work. And I have to live with it, 24/7. I just hope someone up there is looking after me…

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My most memorable moments of the Sports’ Day ’07

This sports day will remain one of the most cherished episodes of my life. Those entire two days seem like a dream. Like an unforgettable book you read which impacts you so much you remember it all your life. Like one of the prized firsts: The moments of the first profession you made to a girl, the few hours of your first date, the few hours of your first successful job interview… the memories are that precious.

Genius entertains, mesmerizes and enthralls. But it’s the underdog which captures the imagination. There’s a special kind of euphoria associated with seeing someone down coming up with a stupendous performance which beats them all. Although books are written about geniuses, bookmarks are placed at the events where someone comes out of the blue and stumps everyone. Bookmarks in the book of your memory are also placed at the events which involve yourself. However ordinary those events and achievements may be, they’re yours and will be remembered by you, if none else.

Here’s a list of my most memorable events from the Sports’ day ’07. I haven’t mentioned any specific event of Nishanth or Chakrapani, as every single one of their efforts was special and will always be remembered. They make up the entire ‘book’ of memories. Here are the ‘bookmarks’.

5. Men’s 1500m: There were a thousand butterflies creating a deadly havoc in my stomach as I entered this race. This was the first event of the Sports day. We were 280 points behind Prithvi, and needed to cover up fast. I personally had anticipated that my doing well was essential for Agni winning (which turned out to be false, after all. Agni would still have won even without me!) and was a bit under pressure to perform here. The biggest worry were the muscle pulls in both my calves, due to which I had hardly had any practice in the past two weeks, and thus was short on both stamina and endurance. The pain from the pulls was still there despite endless massages and pain-relief sprays. Add to all this the fact that a medal from this most favorite event of mine had been eluding me for the past two years, the presence of the highest no. of athletes I’d ever seen for a 1500 race, and the gun not going off after two ‘on your marks’s, and you have an idea about the state my stomach was in as the race started.

5 minutes and 30 seconds later, I kissed the ground, tearful, as I finished some 11 seconds behind Chakri to clinch the silver. The first 4 rounds had been excruciatingly painful, and I had seriously contemplated quitting the race in the middle. But I had persevered, and in the end the ghosts of the past two years got buried. Most importantly, Agni covered 80 points from the race. The gap got reduced to 200 straight from 280 and now there was no doubt at all whatsoever as to who was going to lift the Overall Trophy. This race set the tone for a complete Agni rout of the track events.

4. Men’s 4×400 relay: The most painful memory from last year was not losing the overall trophy, but losing the 4×400 relay. ‘How could we have lost that race? We’re a house of runners. Losing a relay is like losing our identity, the unthinkable.’ These and similar thoughts had kept me awake on many a night this past year.

I decided to take the lead in this edition. Usually the captains/senior most athletes take the lead in relays for Agni. This was the test of captaincy material. And after my two laps, after I had handed over the baton to Jeetinder, I fell to the ground and looked at the track, completely spent. The Vayu athlete was still some 60m behind the finish line. I had given Jeetinder some 65-70 m lead. The race was well and truly over; the remainder of it but a formality. I lay back and gazed at the sky. The biggest wish for this sports day had just been fulfilled. I had performed my most wanton duty.

3. Men’s Shot Put: This was where another captain’s spirit shone. Last year’s record was 8.18m. Satya threw a huge 8.79 in his second attempt. Prudhvi, in his third attempt, let out a war-cry and threw the mother of all Shot Put throws that I’ve ever seen. A humongous 9.1m! My heart drooped, for I thought that Satya had missed his gold, but at the same time, there was a flood of appreciation, for this was probably the longest Shot Put IIIT had ever seen.

2. Men’s Triple Jump: There was no doubt at all whatsoever in anybody’s mind as to who will clinch the gold in this event. Nishanth was the favorite and he justified everyone’s belief by jumping a record breaking 11.20 m, with the two Rahuls coming in after him. This was when only 5 more athletes were left to finish their third attempt. The event was thought to be over.

This was till Suman’s last chance had not come. He had fouled in his first two attempts, but I’ve learnt to not give up hope wherever Suman is involved.

Suman ran in, and I drew a sigh of relief as he took a perfect hop from the start board. But wait, for the show had just begun! The longish hop was followed by a MASSIVE step, which landed our hero almost at the beginning of the sand pit! A huge leap then sealed the fate. Suman had jumped 11.32m! This was the mother of all Triple Jumps I’d seen in IIIT.

We’d routed the opposition in yet another event. Nishanth had begun his one-year-long wait to stake a claim at the Triple Jump gold.

1. Women’s 100m: Frankly speaking, I hadn’t expected Sunanda to win a gold in any event other than the 400m. And that’s exactly what makes the 100m race special.

After her coming 2nd in 400 and doing stupendously in girls’ 4×100, I persuaded Sunanda to run 100m. Still, I was betting on Priyanshu to retain her gold, and was hoping against hope that Sunanda beats either Prashasti or Manasi and comes third. The race started, and Sunanda was last at around 50m in the 6th lane, with Manasi leading the pack from the 5th. Priyanshu was doing her best to catch up, from the 2nd lane.

This was when magic happened. With nobody’s attention to her, Sunanda broke into a deadly run. Overtaking one athlete after another, she broke even with Manasi at around 85m. Manasi, who’d been looking over her left shoulder for Priyanshu, was visibly shocked as Sunanda shot ahead for a clear win. Priyanshu too, overtook Manasi in a photo finish to clinch the silver.

Sunanda didn’t stop screaming for around 10 minutes after that. And the hug that we shared after that was the longest and the tightest we have ever. This, and much more makes it the best and most memorable event of this sports day.

PS1: I dedicate my 1500 silver to Aditya. While I was doing my rounds, writhing in pain, he would just look at me in the eyes, and mutter something like ‘Go on, just 4 more left’. The amount of confidence he had in me gave me a lot of strength during the race. Among the most encouraging seniors I’ve ever had, Aditya played a major role in me finishing that race.

PS2: Now that the Sports Day is behind us, I’d suggest you to take a look at this .This was my list of the Top 10 athletes in IIIT. Also go through the comments. I think you’ll get to draw some interesting parrallels, now that the Sports Day is over.

PS3: These are my most memorable events. Would be delighted if someone else comes up here with their own.

PS4: Why am I writing this??? Haven’t played for a month now what with the injury I carried into the sports day having completely screwed both my feet after 2 days of incessant running and running around. Am getting frustoo just sitting around. Maybe I’ll play soon. Amen.

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10 Best Atheletes I’ve seen in IIIT

Was planning to hold this post till after the sports’ day, but Himank’s post made me kinda senty. Tomorrow’s POPL end sem xam and look at what I’m doing. Grr.

I’ve been on the IIIT sports scene for some time now. Being more of an athlete than a sportsman in general, I’ve often felt that we athletes don’t get our due credit (except in terms of house points, of course :P). Here I’m attempting to make a list of the best (my favourite atleast!!) athletes that I’ve seen in IIIT. They include people from UG and PG 2k3 onwards, as I never saw the previous batches at athletics.

My criteria is of course excellence in athletics, and the cut-off requirement is being a dynamic athlete, as in one who is good at several things. People excellent in a single discipline and non-existent in all the others have not been included in this list. Also, since we’re talking of dynamism, and also because it’s difficult to compare some athletes, I’ve also included the ability at sports to distinguish between cases where a clearcut distinction could not be made. Also, people who I think are extremely dynamic in sports have made it to the list, even if they haven’t proven themselves on the athletic field as such. So here’s the list, bottom’s up.

10. Prudhvi Vatala (UG2k5): One of the most enthusiastic and involved sportspersons I’ve seen in IIIT. Again, makes it to the list more on the basis of dynamism in sports. Would be the captain of IIIT Volleyball team today. Also keeps the goal and the wickets. His devastating run in last year’s 4×400 relays cost Agni the gold for the time in recent memory. Extra points to him on involvement and dedication to sports.

9. B. Varun (UG2k4): This six-and-a half footer giant is not an athlete, but he makes it to the list on sheer dynamism in sports. Has been the mainstay of IIIT cricket team after Joon. Also played Basketball for the college even in ‘the basketball era’, so naturally must still be the best basketball player in his position today. He also would make it to the college Volleyball team, if one were to be formed today. And of course, he reserves that Gold Medal in Discuss Throw. Wow!

8. V.V. Harish Baba(UG2k3): From here onwards, it’s more about athletics. Figures kinda low on the list, as I’ve put more money on dynamism, rather than excellence in any one discipline.

Baba was the champ in last year’s 400, 800 and 1500m races. Also led Prithvi to gold in 4×400. Could run shorter races as well as the longer ones. Some one aptly named him ‘The running man.’ But didn’t excel as much in any other discipline.

7. K Aditya(UG2k3): Another UG2k3ian, and a huge source of inspiration, and the man mainly responsible for the horde of athletes Agni has produced every year after him. Equally good in runs and jumps, and has a very good athletic mind. Played cricket, football and basketball, too.

6. S. Rahul(UG2k4):
Has practically been the lone warrior from Vayu boys on sports days for the last 2 occasions. An allrounder, who runs well, jumps well, throws well, plays cricket and football, inspires and guides his house. Makes it to the list several notches above many people, for his ‘lone warrior’ quality.

5. K. Rahul(PG2k6): First PGite to make this list. A perfect gentleman, a good long distance runner and long jumper, he plays almost all the sports played in IIIT. The best defender in football, an extremely swift fielder in cricket and a good spiker as well. His grit in the Agni-Prithvi last cricket league match took everyone by surprise. And whatever Hockey I’ve seen in IIIT, nobody had better ball control and passing than him.

4. Naga satish(UG2k6): One of the best of the lot right now. Runs at amazing speed, and jumps well. But what makes him stand out is, his dynamism on the field. In my opinion, he’s the one who can take Raja’s place in IIIT football. Plays Volleyball, Basketball, cricket, TT…!!! a complete sportsman. The brightest player by far for the next few years.

3. Suman V.N.(PG2k6): If it’s my list, it’s impossible not to include Suman. This JNTU graduate has changed my general opinion of PGites in our institute, and from a House Sports Captain’s point of view, he’s a dream player. I can always count on him, and I seriously that think he can play almost all sports played in IIIT at almost all positions. The best footballer that we have right now, very accurate in Volleyball, and kept wickets for the winning Agni team, too. Right now fancying TT. And yeah, since it’s an athletes’ list, let me add that he can run fast, run long, and jump far too. :O!

2. M. Nishanth Reddy(UG2k6): I don’t have enough superlatives for this extremely gentle fellow from Nalgonda. His athleticism never ceases to amaze me. Seems he can do anything with his body. Is the fastest runner that IIIT has seen. Has an god-like hop in Triple jump, and can go on running the whole day. I’ve seen and run with national level athletes, and this guy is in their league; a cut above the present IIIT athletes. Also bowls with a superb line and length, good enough to make it to the college team, I think. Also the mainstay of Agni Volleyball team this year.

1. No prizes for guessing, the best is RAJA!
The best footballer, probably ever, to walk into IIIT. And also overall the best athlete, superior than any I’ve seen in IIIT so far. While he was there, it was difficult to imagine that Raja could take a step wrong. Why, he could manage the entire off-side field single handedly! And steal passes at will from even experienced basketball players! Not to mention his 3 consecutive best athlete awards in our sports meets. Swift as a hare and strong as a bull, I suspect he could’ve been as good a thrower as he was a runner and jumper had he only tried. Without a doubt, the best athlete IIIT has produced so far.

PS1: I just realized that the top 3 athletes in this list are agniites. I admit being an agniite and a footballer, I could be biased, although rest assured that I’ve tried my best not to be.
PS2: Choosing 10 people was a very tough job. My apologies to anyone who doesn’t agree with this list, but these are my personal favourites. I guess the next 10 people could include Abhilash, Kabeer, Mahaveer, Chakrapani (UG2k5), Kochar, Pandey, Joy, Rathi, Chinni, Avinash (UG2k4), Arun, Manish Jain (UG2k3), Sagar, Arpit, Ejaz, Manish Jha, Shubham (UG2k6) and some others too.
PS3: It was particularly difficult not to include Mahaveer, Abhilash, Kabeer and Kochar in this list. I guess they’re the next 4 people.
PS4: None from UG2k7 has made it to this list. Let’s wait till the sports day to see what we have this year.
PS5: Once Again sorry if I missed out on any deserving athlete. Do comment and tell me if I have.
PS6: No more PSs.

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