Review: Bollox, a play by Dramatics Circle Hyderabad

Yesterday I saw the play “Bollox” by Dramatic Circle Hyderabad at the Ravindra Bharati Rangmanch. While acting live is a challenging order for the actors, seeing them live facilitates a more direct contact between the viewers and the artists than media like cinema can provide. For me, theatre is always an enriching experience.

Following is a review of the play “Bollox” by DCH. For those people who are yet to see the play, it is unlikely that they will find anything of interest here.

Disclaimer: The views given below are entirely my own opinion and do not necessarily reflect the aesthetic/ literary/ any other quality of the play which was created by seasoned artists.


Theatre art demands a balance between form and content to be at its best. If any one aspect dominates the other, the work loses its appeal and doesn’t deliver what the audience expected from it.

This is what happens with the Dramatics Circle Hyderabad play, Bollox. It’s based on a Farook Dhondy story, which is no doubt gripping and entertaining, but was written to be read. After the play, you realize that probably that was exactly how it was meant to be.

Edward, played by B.S. Prakash, is a rich Britisher who is about to be transplanted the organ from a man from Bihar through an international agency. The donor’s cousin Gajan (Anuj Gurwara) gets in touch with Edward through email and tries to exploit his urgency. A series of hilarious emails is exchanged between the two people from entirely different backgrounds, and the ending cannot fail to surprise.

A series of e-mail exchanges surely made for some very interesting reading, but theatre demands a few other things as well. The series of long monologues by Edward and Gajan in the beginning comes across as dry, and even their lines start lacking variety after a while. The uninspiring, flat dialogue delivery by Prakash doesn’t help the cause. The story gets thick only upon the entry of Comerade Subroto (Vijay Marur) and this part actually makes some very strong and thought provoking satires on the average Indian middle class greed and equivocacy and on the double standards of the so-called Communists. Before the end, the narrative was bound to get slower to set the platform for a surprising end, but it only loses its tightness in the process and is saved only by a great twist in the tale.

All in all, a good story, which doesn’t translate into that good theatre.


Story: Farrukh Dhondy


Pranava Singhal (Direction)

Zakir Alladin (Background score)

Prakash Savio (Lights)

Monideepa Sen

Ekta Bahl


Anuj Gurwara (Gajan Nath)

B.S.Prakash (Edward Cruikshank)

Vijay Marur (Comerade Subroto)

Kunal Kasturi (Donor)

Jayant Dwarkanath (Lawyer)

Sonal Gandhi (Secretary)

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