आँखें मिलीं,
 तो दिल कुछ ठंडा हुआ.
 चल रहे हैं दोनों, एक साथ
 खुद को बनाते, खुद को संवारते
 खुद में जीते, ठोकर खाते
 ठोकर खाने पर देखते, अन देखते
 उठ खड़े होते
 कपड़े झाड़ते
 बढ़ जाते।
 एक पल का जीना
 एक पल का मिलना
 पल, जिसका इंतज़ार था
 पल, जो खूबसूरत था
 पल, जो एक पल भर था.
फिर से देखते एक दूजे को, प्यार से, और बढ़ जाते
 हर उस राह की ओर
 जो मंज़िल को क़रीब ले आती हो.
 नदी के दो तीरे 
 उलट धार चलते हम;
 चलना जीवन है, या मिलना
 या मिलने की आस में, चलते रहना?
कल फिर शोख नयन दो-चार हुए
 तो लगा कि ज़िन्दगी खूबसूरत है.
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Dusk had fallen on the Himalayan peak. A white fog lay over the all-encompassing snow. A gush of wind blew across her pink face, ruffling her moist hair. Shivering, she tugged at the large collar of her overcoat and wrapped it tightly around her neck.

“Baby…” he breathed into her ear.

She turned around into his open arms and snuggled up to him. His warm breath caressed her flushed face as she felt him on her breast through the thickness of their woolens.

He looked down into her, his eyes darker and deeper than ever.

“On the toes no, my jaan.”

She took the first step. They were enveloped in white – white of the snow and white of the fog. In this world was nothing except him, her and the whiteness around them.

The only sound was of their hearts, beating together.

He wrapped his arms around her. She exhaled, and let go as she took the second step.

She had never felt safer. She had never felt more content.

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The Anatomy of Attraction

Guys are attracted to girls. And in a not so obvious, but perhaps more intense way, vice versa.

The basic reason behind this attraction is simple – reproduction. It is hard coded within every individual that it wants to reproduce and further its species.

The physical and emotional characteristics given to man and woman are in direct correlation to their functions in this reproductive cycle. Men give the required fluid which the female takes and fertilizes it and carries it in her body. It is the female which has to carry the child not only within her physical confines, but also after it is born. It has to understand the unsaid expressions of the young one of the specie while it is not only helpless and can’t fend for itself, but also can’t express itself. That is why the enhanced power of perception in the female.

The anatomy of attraction is further refined by the of another primal instinct – survival. Every specie wants survival – not just of itself but also of its gene. For that, it needs healthy carrier individual which can expand its gene.

Men find women with wide bottoms and large tops attractive. While the former suggest to their primal instinct that the female will be capable of carrying a large (and potentially healthy) child, the latter are suggestive of better feeding facilities for their offspring.

This kinda explains why men are attracted to a female body. But why aren’t females attracted to a man’s body to the same extent? Why is it that the male mind (or whatever he projects of it) is more important to female in deciding her partner rather than certain characteristics of the male body which might perhaps suggest more fertility?

The answer could lie in the characteristic which females have evolved through the millennia breeding their child : the power of perception.

Every female, like the male, wants to further her gene and for that wants that gene to be carried by the strongest carriers. But unlike the male, she has the foresight to understand that the strongest carrier will be the one with the maximum intelligence, not necessarily with the maximum physical capabilities.

In other words, using her powers of perception, the female sees through her potential offspring with the male specie – and more correctly evaluates which one would be stronger: this combination, or that.

All this, while all the man keeps thinking about is the front and the behind.

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This is one of the few diary entries I wrote on the batch trip. This simple night walk in Ooty will always remain with me as one of the fondest memories of the batch trip.

Walking on the hill streets in the night is like, in many ways, reading a book. Everything comes to you in black and white, and it’s left up to you to fill in the colours.

It is a reader’s delight, though. As you wonder off into the night to scale the streets of upper Ooty, the Enid Blyton novels savored in the long gone years of childhood come alive in front of your eyes. The British architecture gels so well with the natural beauty of the hills that after a point it becomes difficult to tell one from the other.

The road snakes through the hills. On one side, the sloping hills end in a grey stone wall, and on the other, the valley is protected from the road by an ivy covered wire railing which looks as old as the British rule itself. On both sides of the road stand oak, deodar and chir trees. Stalwart, yet humble sentries, tilting a bit on the top to meet each other over the narrow street, as if forming a canopy to welcome you to their home.

Walking away into these upper streets is like delving deeper and deeper into your Enid Blyton. The lights from the valley keep peeping in every now and then from behind the ivy and deodar curtain, carry with them the British style sloping roof houses and white churches located down there. Narrow streets, little more than metaled footpaths actually, occasionally digress from the main road to end in gates marking the entrance to some age-old colonial property. Attempting to follow them, one ends up encountering address plates which say something like Kel Marsh, Haydock House, Colson Street, making one wonder if one really was in India, and not in some British rural idyll. Not infrequently, these properties, to mark their entrance bear two pillars surmounted by entrance lights, and nothing more. The ways of the world, it seems, will still take a while to catch up with this place.

It’s 3 o’clok in the night, and the next action packed day starts at 6. Inhaling the perfume the earth has prepared after the evening’s rain, you start walking back to the lodge. Crickets and warts are having a ball in the surrounding woods. Down in the valley town, a few dogs are barking. An occasional truck passes by on the highway a few kilometers further ahead.

You keep walking, and looking at the trees, the ivy, the hills and the barely visible sky, you try to figure out what color they would look under the sun, from the different shades of grey they give off under the half moon. Walking down the same street you walked up five minutes ago can be lonely, and to pass time, you think of adding some more music to this black and white movie unfolding before you. You play the music in your mind. And then you break into the tune.

But as soon as you listen to the sound of your own voice, for the first time in all these years you are disappointed. Because you realize that unfolding before you is one movie which has been provided enough music by nature itself, and can do without further human intervention. Having committed the cardinal sin of breaking the stillness of the night, but having taken your lesson nevertheless, you proceed towards your lodge.

Half an hour later, as you snuggle inside your sleeping bag, you realize that things are somehow not the same. The some part of this precolonial night time Ooty has followed you home, to probably stay with you forever.

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You know that quitting smoking wasn’t a bad idea after all, when

1. You finish the 1500m race with a silver medal and a timing of 5:16 without any practice. The year before, with two months’ rigorous practice, it had barely come down to 5:30 when you were still smoking.

2. You finish 10k, then 20k and then you start doing it regularly within a month. The earlier maximum had been 9k.

3. Your lips don’t look so dark anymore.

4. You smell someone smoking, and feel nauseated. How could I have taken that stuff in all those years?

5. You go home and don’t have to go paranoid about stuff emerging from your pockets.

6. You don’t have to worry about erasing the smell from your mouth. Be it before going to class or home.

7. You travel in a train, and don’t have to bear the stinking washrooms to have that smoke.

8. You suddenly have a lot more money to spend than you had before.

9. You spit out some cough, and for the first time in years, there’s no trace of black in it. And finally,

10.You handle not just exams, but bigger stuff like CAT, placements without cigarettes, and then get the awesome sweet feeling that you did it without them.That you gave your best, and there was no nicotine punching you through this time, and thus the results were all yours, and nobody, or nothing, else’s.

It’s six months now. And God willing, never again.

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Another attempt…

yeah ppl…who r reading this blog(and i do hope it gets to be read someday)my fingers are crossed.and there are anumber of reasons for that.in the remaining part of this blog,i’ll elaborate upon the reasons

my fingers are crossed for the future of this blog.just like parents create their children and worry about their future.my first child(oops! blog) was very unfortunate in this reagard.i created it and forgot what name i had given to it.imagine what happens to a child whose father forgets about him…?he gets lost in this big,bad world,and ultimately loses his existence.same happened with my blog.it probably is still there somewhere in this big,bad mass of information on the world wide web,waiting to lose its existence,if it already hasn’t…i now have a fair idea how a parent would feel for a lost child!

then i made my second blog.suppose a young boy is walking on a road.people on the road start fighting.the police comes along and hauls everybody walking on the road,and throws all of them,including the young boy in jail,for life.well,my second blog went the same way,when the government of india decided to block the blogspot.com after the mumbai blasts.i hope i’m able to see my creation,someday…

my earlier blogs didn’t get to be read by anybody.anybody that is,except me.so naturally i’m worried for the future of this blog.i hope people read it and enjoy it.and for that reason i’m keeping my fingers crossed.

the second reason behind keeping my fingers crossed is a little more serious.i have this crazy DisCo going on over my head.12 students of IIIT,Hyderabad were called for interrogation by the faculty,on ‘charges’ of ‘ragging’ the first year students.i had the honour and the pleasure to be one of them.the ‘mishaps’ that lead to my being called by the DisCo and the details of the memorable time i spent with the DisCo will be narrated in some detail in later entries.but the present scenario is,3 ppl of the ug2k4 batch have been suspended from the college till their parents come and meet the DisCo.no verdict has been passed in my case,till now,and i hope none ever gets to be.b’coz any verdict that gets to be passed by people of the DisCo which i faced,cannot be a positive one,in any case.

so ppl,i am keeping my fingers crossed,and would request you to do the same,for me as well as for those who are facing suspension.and yeah,also for this blog!

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