Ingenious Dwellings

I came across some really sweet-looking homes of some rather not-so-sweet creatures a few days ago. Sanket clicked these pics, which came out really well. Thought I’d share it with everyone.

Stay Away!!!

This is a picture of the dwelling of the ‘Large Red Ant’. It is similar in structure to the nests built by the Weaverbird(‘Baya’) or by the Tailorbird. This can be found hanging from a branch of a Mango tree in front of the Keane School.

Dwelling of termites

And this fort-like structure is called an ‘ant-hill’ , and it belongs to ‘White Ants’ or ‘Termites’ (or ‘Deemak’ if you please). An imposing structure about chest high, it is standing in the woods in front of the Keane School. Impressive, huh?

I found both these ‘houses’ in IIIT itself along the main road. Hmm, Life can be pretty interesting if you just keep your eyes and ears open.

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2 thoughts on “Ingenious Dwellings

  1. Yeah….life can be interesting if we keep our eyes open…. I’ve found a snake roaming arnd in the campus twice….and I believe it’s the same one….but wasn’t able to locate its abode…. I think the campus is there home as much as its ours…. and may be they were here before we came and kind of destroyed their habitat……..

  2. i found a snake in my room…wonder if its the same one saini is refering too…i dont mind sharing IIIT with snakes, pigs, dogs, mongoose, hare, wildcats (according to dhruvan, i think it might have been a bandicoot, have u seen how big theyre getting?) and what not but i think it gets a little wierd if my roomie doesnt talk much and doesnt have legs…

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